Become a Web designers with jQuery Pro.

What you will learn

How to use J-query animation in web site.

How to download and setup J-Query files

Editing J-Query Plugins

Embed J-Query files with our web site.


In this course you will learn from scratch, how to become a Pro in plugin usage with jQuery. We start with basic stuff like downloading jQuery and setup and embed jQuery.

jQuery has anything and everything you need in order to design and develop your website really quickly without the need for animation such as flash. Everything is pre-defined (jQurey libraries).

What we will cover in this course :-

Though the course we will discuss all the amazing plugins of jQuery such as jQuery sliders, gallery, menu, chart and many more. Editing text, images, speed also can practice.

jQuery for beginner’s course content consists only 18 sessions, and this course will help you to create a powerful and perfect jQuery animation web site for your business or personal. You will ideally have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Further into the course we will start to combine all the amazing features and animation in to one web site. That is where the power of bootstrap will be unleashed! We also have a section with projects implementation with jQurey templates. We provide hands-on experience to ensure students effectively use jQurey plugins. And the same time all the source files are included in the course.





Introduction about the J-Query Course

Introduction to Applying J-Query in to CSS Web Site

JQuery Licences

More About JQuery

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Steps of JQuery

Download the J-Query Plugins (Paid version) – Part 01

Download the J-Query Plugins (Free Version) – Part 2

Understanding the file structure – Part 01

Understanding the file structure – Part 02

Understanding the file structure – Part 03

Remove Unwanted area in J-query

Embedded J-Query plugin into CSS Site – Part 1

Embedded J-Query plugin into CSS Site – Part 2

Embedded J-Query plugin into CSS Site – Part 03

Embedded J-Query plugin into CSS Site – Part 04

Edit J-Query Text

Edit J-Query Image

Edit Speed of Animation