Make a colourful folk art with detailed cone work and acrylic paints to decorate your home

What you will learn

Canvas Preparation

Ceramic Cone Preparation

Fine Art – Cone Work

Acrylic Painting


In this class, I have explained the step by step process to make a Folk Art design with detailed cone work. I have used a Warli Art design to show the technique of doing cone work, however you can use any design of your choice. In Warli art, geometrical shapes like triangles, circles, semi circles, etc. are mainly used to create the designs. I have chosen this design because I want to give a contemporary look to the traditional art form.

Here are the lessons covered in this class:

  • How to prepare Canvas for the painting
  • Make Ceramic cones at home with easily available materials
  • Learn to do cone work with detailed designs
  • Acrylic Painting
  • How to provide antique look to your art work
  • Sealing your art work with tips and tricks

Cone work provides an artistic look to the artwork and can be done on various surfaces like wood, glass, ceramic and even on candle. Once you are comfortable with doing cone work, you can do the relief art work as well. You can explore your creativity using this technique and can make artifacts for your home as well as for your loves ones. Hope you will take up this class to enhance your creativity skills.

Thank You!






Canvas and Cone Preparation

Preparing Canvas

Cone Preparation

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Cone Work

Outline with Cone

Detailed Borders using Cone and other Filling

Acrylic Colouring

Base Colouring

Fine Colouring (Red)

Fine Colouring (Blue)

Painting the Borders

Finishing Touches

Highlighting with Gold Metallic