Master advanced JavaScript Concepts that you require to become a professional Senior JavaScript Developer.

What you will learn

Understand advanced concepts such as closures, and much more.

Asynchronous programming with Ajax, Fetch API, Promises & Async / Await

Learn JavaScript Patterns

De-structuring Arrays and Objects


Love JavaScript and code it well.

Welcome to Advanced JavaScript Course

Improve your abilities in all JavaScript-based technologies such as React, Angular, and NodeJs.

This course will teach you all the topics, tools, and tutorials that you require to become a professional Senior JavaScript Developer.

we will cover objects, literals, functions, scope chains, constructors, and much more.

Instead of spending Longtime, To master advanced JavaScript concepts, it’s better, Now to accelerate this process and complete full knowledge within just a couple of weeks.

Why is this the best-advanced javascript course for you?

This course focus on all the complex topics in an easy way to take you to the next level. You will learn practical examples besides data structures concepts and build beautiful and complete projects.

By End of this course, you will be an excellent javascript developer.

We will be Mastering the Advanced concepts.

Through this course, we covered:-

  • Arrays, functions, objects
  • Arrow Function
  • JavaScript Datastructrure
    • Sets
    • Maps
  • Hoisting
  • IIFEs
  • Pass by Value vs. pass by reference
  • class inheritance
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • Event Loop
  • Modules

Are There Lots of Examples? There are loads of examples

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JavaScript Part 01

Strings, Arrays, Objects, Arrow Method and DOM Element

What’s JavaScript Engine ?

Array Destructing

Object Destructing

Challenge #1 Object Destructing

Spread Operator

Spread Operator with functions

REST Pattern

Challenge #2

JavaScript Data structure



Challenge #3