What you will learn

Concepts and perception of the General Data Protection Regulation

Know your GDPR rights

How to enforce your GDPR rights (e.g. claim compensation)

Procure you the necessary expertise to support you and your organization implementing the GDPR compliance



The course is designed to make your learning experience as easy as possible. The course provides you with key facts and actionable results, along with useful resources, about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

More importantly, once you have completed the course and passed the quiz, it also provides you with a certificate of completion, with your name on it. You can share your Certificate of completion within your networks, so you can demonstrate you have completed the GDPR training and passed the test.

All lessons are a piece of independent learning, and you can choose those one best fit your needs without any specific order, or, you can choose to follow the virtual journey we have designed for you.

Each lesson focuses on answering a specific question, providing you with an essential explanation, a list of complete online references pertinent to the topic, and specific examples to help you contextualize and fix the new concepts. Moreover are available downloadable resources (e.g. templates) and complimentary video material with expert comments to further expand your knowledge.

This innovative “package” enriches the learning experience helping you retain the information provided through the specific and unique European cultural elements.

Each lesson is contextualized in one of the capitals of Europe providing few insights about the place at the beginning of the lesson and one typical local recipe at the end. References are also provided in the resource section.


  • Access to 19 lessons and its lesson materials about GDPR

  • Access to the GDPR template package: 8+ templates

  • Access to 19 dedicated web page resource with complementary resources: expert comment videos

  • More than 40+ examples contextualize in more than 30+ real scenarios.

  • Q&A section to interact with the course instructor

  • Updated material forever

  • Social Network community page access

  • No risks: 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked


During the course, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Software Manager team’s competencies and expertise and of the English mother tongue instructors Emma, Brian and myself Amy!

Here a short presentation of the Software Manager team:

Alberto: is the soul, and Inspired Data Protection Officer and Cybersecurity enthusiast and the content specialist who designed and implemented the course.

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Amy: welcome you in each lesson providing you with a little insight about the city and then greeting you at the end with the last (possibly) delicious local recipe.

Emma: will frame the lesson, present you the central question, and show you some practical examples to strengthen and fix the newly acquired knowledge.

Brian present the lesson content, and hopefully answered the key point of the lesson,


The course is also valuable for any person who would like to stand up and have a clear idea about the European General Data Protection Regulation while keeping reasonably easy getting that result.


Finally, the learning objectives.

The course provides you with comprehensive information on the concepts and perception of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Another important objective: Comprehend the requirements that the GDPR brings to EU organizations.

Again, Procure you the necessary expertise to support you and your organization in assessing the new requirements.

Last but not least, Acquire the knowledge and skills in the context of how to manage personal data.




Day 1 – Milan: Sensitive Data
Day 2 – Wien: Special Persons
Day 3 – Budapest: Employee Consent
Day 4 – Athens: Consent Request
Day 5 – Rome: Leaked Data
Day 6 – Praha: Personal Rights
Day 7 – Warsaw: Privacy Notice
Day 8 – Tallinn: Data Access
Day 9 – Helsinki: Update Personal Data
Day 10 – Stockholm: Personal Data Portability
Day 11 – Berlin: Stop Processing Personal Data
Day 12 – Amsterdam: Delete Personal Data
Day 13 – Brussels: Restriction of Processing
Day 14 – London: Profiling
Day 15 – Dublin: Rights Violation
Day 16 – Paris: Data Protection Authorities
Day 17 – Lisbon: Thirdy Party Claims
Day 18 – Madrid: Compensation
Day 19 – Barcelona: Wrap-up