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Developing readable, maintainable and easy to upgrade SQL code

What you will learn

The most important clean code concepts that can be applied to SQL code

A list of principles to apply in your day to day SQL programming activity

How to write SQL code that is easily readable by other developers

How to develop SQL code that can be comfortably upgraded in the future


In this course, you will learn how to write clean SQL code. Clean Code is about writing code which is not only understandable to the developer him/herself but to the others as well. Also, it makes it easier to understand your own code after an extended period of time, when you will need to upgrade it.

Basic principles

You will learn about the basic clean code concepts such as SQL keyword principles or indenting. These are the main concepts that a developer needs to keep in mind when writing SQL code.

Intermediate principles

These concepts are referring to aliases, data type conventions, naming conventions and comments. These concepts will make you a better developer and using them in the right way can help you as a developer and you colleagues in future developments.

Advanced principles

The advanced principles are the cherry on top. By applying these rules, your code will look exceptionally. You will find it very easy to debug and upgrade, having in mind that SQL queries can easily get huge.

This is a great course to take after the ‘Databases & SQL – Introduction Course’ and after finishing this course, you will be able to write readable and maintainable code. Starting from here, your code won’t look so complex anymore.





SQL Keywords

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Table & Column names

Data type conventions

Naming conventions



Large SQL queries


Final checks