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Financial Statement Analysis - Spice your game with AI tools
You will learn how to use Free and Paid AI tools to carry out financial analysis, reporting and make strategic decisions

What you will learn

Understand why we do Financial anlaysis

Apply different techniques of financial anlaysis

Explain various use cases of financial anlaysis

Able to use AI tools for improving the efficiency in financial anlaysis

built their own AI tool box for financial analysis


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  1. This course is designed for finance professionals and accountants including beginners who want to learn about financial statement analysis. It covers the basics of management accounting, audited statements, and demonstrates how AI tools can enhance accuracy and efficiency. The course includes hands-on exercises and activities.
  2. Course objective: The objective of this course is to provide participants with a solid understanding of financial statement analysis, understand analytical techniques, understand how to draw conclusions and showcase the benefits of using AI tools in this field. By the end of the course, learners will be able to analyze financial data using AI-powered data analysis tools and automate financial analysis processes.
  3. Target Audience: Beginners with little to no experience in financial statement analysis, including students and professionals seeking to improve their financial analysis skills.
  4. Basic Knowledge: No prior knowledge of financial statement analysis is required.
  5. Batch time: Please check with the course provider for the available batch timings.
  6. Curriculum: The curriculum for this course includes:
    • Basics of financial statement analysis
    • Management accounts analysis for evaluating operational decisions.
    • Benefits of using AI tools in financial statement analysis
    • AI-powered data analysis for financial data
    • Automation of financial analysis processes using AI-powered software
    • Utilizing AI chatbots for financial analysis queries


Introduction to a Framwork for carrying out effective finacial analysis

Framework for Financial Analysis
1.1 Application of Financial Analysis
1.2 How to Collect data for financial analysis
1.3 Carry out actual Financial analysis
1.4 Validate results from financial anlaysis to ensure accuracy
1.5 Communicate financial analysis results

Financial Analysis for Investment purposes

2.0 Understand need and objective
3 investment by individuals or financial inst.
3.1 Dupont analysis
3.2 Understanding profitability ratios

Financial Analysis for Banks and other external stakeholders

4 Due diligence by banks
4.1 Analysing Liquidity and risk
5.0 Supplier assessing credit

Financial analysis for understanding Internal operations and issues

7. internal management function and relation(1)
7.1 Understanding operational efficiency
7.2 operational analysis
7.3 Establishing links between financial statements
7.4 linking Financial Statements Part 2
Linking of P&L and Balance Sheet

Role of AI and Prompt Engineering

8.0 Role of AI
Framework to Effectoive Prompting with AI tools