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Selenium Automation

What you will learn

How to automate browser actions with Selenium.

How to create NUnit tests in Visual Studio C#.

How to implement the Page Object Model design pattern.

How to build a robust and extensible Selenium UI testing framework.


A beginner’s course on Selenium Test Automation in Visual Studioโ€“C#.

When it comes to Selenium, the abundance of information available on the internet can make it challenging to sift through and identify the most valuable resources. If you’re like most people, when you have a learning goal in mind, you’d want to navigate from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, right? Sometimes, all we need is a little nudge in the right direction to jumpstart our journey.

Well, look no further! This course is tailored for students with zero background in Selenium and will take them as far as intermediate-level proficiency… should they wish. In addition to teaching the fundamental skills to perform automated Selenium actions, I will also impart my knowledge of how to build a robust and efficient UI testing framework.

My framework architecture, along with my teaching techniques, will not only keep you engaged but will also help you retain the information through hands-on interactive lessons. The concepts I’ll cover are modern and highly relevant in the industry. My development techniques and approaches are also transferable to software engineering roles where good coding practices are highly marketable.

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If you want to excel, then here is your opportunity to learn from a working professional like me, who has already curated all the information for you. I promise that you’ll undoubtedly become more knowledgeable in Selenium testing upon completion of this course, or this one’s on me. I’m looking forward to seeing your growth!

You can anticipate that this course will take 20-40 hours to complete. It’s similar to assembling a computer for the first time; I may make it appear clear and easy, but you’ll likely progress at a slower pace until you become fluent and familiar yourself!

The tools and resources used in this course are entirely free.




Course Intro
What You’ll Learn

Basic Fundamentals

Install Visual Studio
Create NUnit Test
Install Selenium Libraries
Automate Login
Complete Test Scenario
Code Snippet – SauceLabDemo
Common Troubleshooting

Element Selectors

CSS Selector
Using Good Selectors

Practical Application

Real-World Practice (Pt. 1)
Real-World Practice (Pt. 2)
Code Snippet – EbayProductPriceIsDisplayed
Fluent Assertions
Code Snippet for Explicit Wait
Explicit Wait

Linhโ€™s Refined Page Object Model

Page Object Model
Code Snippet for PomBase
Create the PomBase
Code Snippet for EntryPageFactory
Entry Pages
LoginPage POMs
InventoryPage POMs
Using POMs in Test
POM Recap

Extending the Framework

Another POM Strategy
Refactor eBay Test
Entry Page Initialization
Useful Methods & Functions
Additional Practice!