Business Management-Concepts from scratch: A one stop guide
Business Management for Students of BCOM, BBA, MBA, MCOM

What you will learn

Concepts and meanings of business management

Foolproof understanding of functions of management

Understanding of scientific management theories and principles of management coined by Henry Fayol and F.W. Taylor

Difference between effectiveness and efficiency

Meaning of motivation, leadership, communication and supervision

Maslow Need of Motivation Theory

Planning, Type of Plans, Planning Process

Controlling Function

Staffing and Human Resource Management

Organising and organization structure

Directing and elements of directing


This course has been developed to meet the academic requirement of the students who wants to learn the concepts of management, functions of management, fundamentals of management and theories that were introduced by past scholars.

This course will be a ideal choice for students who want to expand their horizon of knowledge and also wants to have an access of the quality notes. It is designed keeping in mind the problems and difficulties scholars face while studying the fundamentals of business management.

The salient feature of this course are:

1) The course is framed in easy to understand language.

2) Use of diagram and tables has been made to make the subject self-explanatory.

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3) This course is a one stop guide to students who wants to learn and understand what business management is all about.

4) Every chapter starts with learning objectives.

5) The topics are explained in clear and concise tone. For better presentation, they are formulated in points , so that students find it easy to learn and understand.

I believe that students and scholars will find this course informative and useful and will gain insights that will be fruitful for their future endeavors.

I request students and scholars to give their valuable suggestions and feedback for the course.



Nature and Significance of Management

Nature and Significance of Management
Features of Management and Objectives of Management
Management & its Interpretation and Skills needed at different managerial level
Nature of Management and Levels of Management

Principles of Management

Overview of Management Theories
Henry Fayol’s Principles of Management
Fredrick Taylor’s Scientific Management


Planning: Meaning, Features and Importance
Planning: Why do Managers Plan ? ; Limitations of Planning ; Planning Process
Planning in the Hierarchy of Organization; Types of Plans


Organizing : Meaning, Fundamental Concept and Nature of Organizing
Organizing: Why Organizing is Important?
Organizing: What is the process of Organizing?


Staffing: Meaning; Features; Objectives; Elements, Importance and Human Resource
Staffing: Staffing Process
Staffing: Factors affecting staffing; Recruitment,Selection Training Development


Directing: Meaning and Principles of Directing
Directing: Elements of Directing
Directing: Elements of Directing


Meaning, Importance, Controlling Process & Relationship b/w controlling and plan