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Learn essential concepts, architectures, and the exciting potential and applications of Generative AI

What you will learn

Understand the fundamental concepts of Generative AI and how it compares to other approaches

Learn what are the most important Generative AI architectures and how they work

Identify applications of Generative AI across diverse fields

Learn to craft prompt engineering patterns to program LLMs to perform sophisticated behaviours

Explore the potential future of Generative AI and find inspiration for your own projects

Demystify the learning processes of the neural networks that power Generative AI applications

Understand the transformative potential and ethical considerations of Generative AI

Build a solid knowledge base to confidently pursue more advanced Generative AI concepts and techniques


Unlock the Transformative Power of Generative AI: Where Creativity and Technology Collide

Are you fascinated by the idea of machines generating stunning images, realistic text, or even composing music? Generative AI is revolutionizing the way we create, and this course is your key to begin mastering this groundbreaking field.

What You’ll Discover:

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  • The Building Blocks of Generative AI: Delve into the fundamental concepts, architectures, and techniques that make machines generate breathtaking content.
  • Limitless Applications: Explore the real-world impact of Generative AI across industries – from art and design to marketing and even scientific research.
  • Learn to craft prompt engineering patterns to program LLMs to perform sophisticated behaviours
  • The Future is Now: Gain insights into the transformative potential of Generative AI and how it’s poised to change the world.
  • Demystifying the Learning Process: We’ll break down the inner workings of the neural networks that power generative AIΒ technology in an engaging way, combining colourful physical elements with advanced digital representations to visualize how these networks learn.

Why This Course is Different

This isn’t just another theoretical overview. We provide a compact introduction to Generative AI while simultaneously going very deep into the very base of this technology, the processes by which they learn their powerful mappings.

Join us and explore the age of Generative AI



Foundations of Generative AI

Generative modelling, Evolution of Generative AI and Overview of applications
Building Blocks of Machine Creativity: Machine Learning Foundations for Gen AI

Generative AI Models and Applications

Architectures of Machine Imagination, from GANs to Diffusion and beyond
Machine Creativity Meets Real-World Impact – Applications of Generative AI
The Ethics of Machine Creativity: Challenges and Considerations in Generative AI
Worlds Reimagined: Visions of the Future with Generative AI
Prompt Programming: Programming Generative AI models with natural language

Journey to the latent space of a Neural Network

In Search of the Magical Mappings of Creativity
The Search for the Perfect Mapping: datasets and dimensionality
From Linearity to Complexity: Neural Networks and the Nonlinearities of Life
Bending the Rules: Non-Linear transformations and the key to complexity
Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose – Finding the perfect fit
How increasing the dimensionality impacts the latent complexity of the network
The Power of Depth: Creating Sophisticated Mappings with AI networks
From high dimensional manifolds to dynamic and ever changing latent spaces
Advanced digital representations of the latent complexity of neural networks
Visualizing the Journey: Loss Landscapes and the Search for Optimal Weights
Example of the dynamic Loss Landscape of a generative adversarial network
Lucy – Real Time Visualization of the changing weights of a neural network
Charting the hidden depths: a recap of our transformative latent space journey

Final Review Quiz and Closing thoughts

Review Quiz
Summary and closing thoughts