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What you will learn

How to invoke REST services.

How to invoke SOAP services.

How to create NUnit tests in Visual Studio C#.

How to build a robust and scalable API testing framework.


A beginner’s course on API testing in Visual Studioโ€“C#.

Throughout this course, you will gain the essential skills to grow your testing capabilities in .NET C#, specifically focused on invoking and testing web APIs. You will develop a strong familiarity with popular testing libraries and acquire the knowledge to leverage them effectively in constructing an NUnit API testing framework. The methodologies and approach to testing that will be covered are highly relevant and in line with current practices in the software industry.

One of the main objectives of this course is to teach you how to develop a robust and scalable testing framework that can be applied to real-world use cases. By following the comprehensive instructions and hands-on guidance provided, you will have the opportunity to build your framework from scratch. This interactive approach ensures that you will gain practical experience and a thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques involved.

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Rest assured that you will receive clear and concise instruction throughout the course, minimizing the chances of being led astray. Upon completion, you will have acquired highly marketable skills that are in demand for QA Automation-related positions. These skills will significantly enhance your employability and open doors to various career opportunities in the software testing industry.

Embark on this API testing course in Visual Studioโ€“C# and elevate your testing proficiency to new heights. Prepare to expand your knowledge, enhance your skill set, and emerge as a confident and competent API tester with a strong foundation in C# and API testing techniques.

The tools and resources used in this course are entirely free.




Course Intro
What You’ll Learn

REST – GET Method

Install Visual Studio
Postman GET Example
C# – Create NUnit Test
C# – Invoke GET Request
JSON Deserialization
Fluent Assertions
Code Snippets

REST – POST Method

Postman Post Example
C# – Invoke Post Request
Code Snippet
Common Troubleshooting
Code Cleanup & Refactoring
REST Recap
Additional Practice!


SoapUI Example
Add Service Reference
C# – Invoke SOAP Service
Soap Summary

Beyond APIs

NUnit Data-driven Tests
Environment Configuration