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what’s strategy eventually, and strategic terms are discussed vividly, creative ways to define a problem or a challenge

What you will learn

What the business strategy is and how it works.

How to define your issues, whether a problem or a challenge

How to initiate a process of Strategic Transformation

A simple and effective approach to business strategic management

How to define and differentiate strategy, Tactic, Goal, objective, mission, and vision

How to talk about issues that keep leaders up at night.

Tips to share your strategies with whom you need to rely on them.


Every day we are exposed to some questions. Are these the right questions to tackle? Struggling with them without identifying your strategies and direction will make the situation worse, so you need to develop your strategies with higher priority. Let’s stop saying that I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it, as expectations, challenges, and problems are alive in any company, and we need to face them.

You may wish to initiate a strategic journey, however, you have heard a lot of definitions for strategy and it is connected to competition mostly, you might ask yourself what’s strategy eventually. It also made you confused as you heard that people call most of their plans and activities as strategic plans, and you’re confused between lots of strategy terms such as Strategy, Tactic, Goal, Objective, Mission, Vision, and so on, in this course we will vividly discuss them.

Everyone understands the importance of having clearly defined strategies, but what is a good process to follow to develop a strategy? When you learn about the thought-provoking content prepared in this course, it will blow your mind away as it did for many of my clients. Our approach in this course is totally different from all you might have seen, I have borrowed some notions from different disciplines even Civil Engineering, to offer you a vivid presentation of strategic key terms.

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Do you know why strategic management models can not help most organizations? Models need to be understood by people, and models have some assumptions. First, you should understand the utilized models’ assumptions and learn more about them, and we usually do not speak the model assumptions clearly, also managers cannot communicate the models’ language with their team. The obvious answer to initiate a process of strategic transformation is to start with the customer. You need to learn to look at the world through your customer’s eyes.

Furthermore, without a clear strategic direction, any implementation process is doomed to fail. You have to spend at least as much time explaining the logic behind the choices and you cannot communicate a list of 20 choices; employees simply will not remember, and if they don’t remember them, the choices cannot influence their behavior, in which case you do not have a strategy.

In this course, we will start with your pain points, and we will start with your challenges and problems. I will also show you creative ways to define a problem, then you would tackle them, with your limitless capabilities. You will also learn some tips to share your strategies with whom you need to rely on them. At the end of this course, you learn how to start your journey for strategy development and solve strategic issues, and also you will see how to share your plan in the company, and with other stakeholders. In your strategy construction process, you should talk about issues that keep leaders up at night, and you will learn how to embed them in this process. You will learn everything you need to start your strategic journey.




Your Instructor
Why do you need this course
Course Outline
What isn’t strategy
Most Models can not help
Strategy is …
Strategy aligns the organization

How to identify your Problems and Challenges

Identify your Problems and Challenges
Problem or Challenge
Problems vs. Challenges
How to define a Problem
Creative ways to define a Problem

Strategic Management terms

Why do you need to learn Strategic Management Terms
Are you ready for it?
Strategy vs. Tactic
What bases do you have?
Strategy vs. Other Terms

Myths about Strategy

Strategy is about the long-term
Strategy is a plan
You just need to be agile
You need a digital strategy
You just need new products
Follow your competitors’ footsteps
Competitive advantage is dead

Tips to communicate your strategies

Tips to communicate your strategies
Your Team Engagement
Customers Engagement
Shareholders Engagement
Other Stakeholders Engagement
What is next?