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The complete guide on how to model, add material and render 3D Models with Blender!

What you will learn

Use Blender and understand it’s interface

Create your own materials

Create 3D models

All chapter scene files and texture maps included in the course.


Blender is a fantastic platform which enables you to make low-poly models which can be exported to any game engine,

3D printer, or other software.

This is a complete training dedicated to learning the Blender, which is a free 3D software and opensource.

This complete training will allow beginners to discover the software entirely.

This training is divided into 8 chapters that will allow you to progressively and consistently learn.

During the training we will produce in parallel a complete project to create three different building

from modeling to rendering.

This project will allow you to apply the Blender 3.0 functions learned in the course.

The source files are included in the training and allow you to understand the progress of a project.

Here are some of the reasons why you want to learn Blender with this online tutorial…

Create assets for video games.

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Make unique 3D printed gifts.

Design your dream house, car, etc

Express yourself through 3D artwork.

What you’ll learn:

Discover the software to integrate it into your workflow

Use Blender and understand it’s interface

Understand the principles of modelling

Create low poly 3D models with simple colors

Create your own materials

Modeling, rendering , lighting simple scenes

This course has everything you need to get a strong start with Blender and 3D, so I hope to see you in there!



Get started with Blender 3.0

Blender 3.0 Interface Overview & Edit Mode

3D cursor

3D cursor


Model an air conditioner using add-on
Modeling a small shop
Modeling a Small Hotel
Modeling a frame Chalkboard


Learn how to quickly Creating trees

Sky Texture

How to add Sky Texture for lighting our scene

Road & Floor

Learn how to make road, megre objects and convert curves to mesh
How to make road and floor texture
How to merge multiple objects and convert curves to mesh


Adding material to small shop
Adding material to Hotels

Camera setting & Rendering

Camera setting & Rendering