Being a music teacher
Understanding the key elements of a successful class when you teach a musical instrument.

What you will learn

You will be able to experiment a positive change in your daily teaching

You will be able to improve your classes according to your students needs.

Learn about important theories like Howard Gardner´s Multiple Intelligences.

Know some important tips to develop a good teacher student relationship, specially when you work with adults and teenagers.

Learn how to divide your class time when you teach kids.


Are you a music teacher?

Being a music teacher can be difficult, especially when you don’t have much experience. If you are about to start teaching any musical instrument, this course is for you.

This course is perfect for teacher beginners, if you are about to start teaching, you do need this course!

What would you learn?

You will get to know your students in order to make a good approach and develop your classes in a successful way. If you are currently teaching but you don’t feel that is working, this course will help you too.

You will know what are the considerations if you want to join a music school or to develop your own private studio.

Join this course and get ideas to make your teaching a great experience.

The main purpose of this course is to refresh your call as a music teacher. You will get some useful tips on:

– Teaching kids

– Teaching kids

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– Teaching professionals

– Working with parents

– Repertoire

– Multiple Intelligences

– Class activities

– Private studio

– Making recitals

Enroll in this course, it has more than 4000 students already enrolled in this course, be part of the community.

Ilse Lozoya is a pianist, music teacher and online educator and one of her passions is to help music teachers to become better teachers, improving their practice and inspiring their students.





Chapter I: Knowing your students

Chapter I: Knowing your students
Teaching Adults —
Teaching Kids
Teaching Professionals
Teacher´s assignment #1

Chapter II: Teaching Methodologies

Chapter II: Teaching Methodologies
Multiple Intelligences
Class Activities
Teacher´s Assignment #2

Chapter III: Teacher´s Development

Chapter III: Teacher´s Development
Developing your own studio
Teacher´s Assignment #3



Bonus Lecture

BONUS LECTURE: Website, coupons and much more