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The 9 courses in 1 program to become an Instructional Design (ID) and eLearning Specialist.

What you will learn

πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’» Acquire the technical knowledge, theory and skills to land an Instructional Design Job.

🧰 Learn how to use authoring, video and design tools to create powerful eLearning experiences.

πŸŽ€ Brand yourself online, create your portfolio and attract clients/recruiters to land your next dream opportunity.

πŸ“ Use tested and templatized learning design methods and assets to streamline your next instructional design project hustle-free

🎨 Apply a design thinking approach to the creation of learning experiences and solutions

πŸ“Ί Learn how to build learning experiences in different formats and modalities (Instructor-led, in-person, virtual, synchronous, asynchronous)

πŸ€” πŸ—―οΈLearn how to think like a learning experience designer (LXD) to develop learning solutions that meet the needs & painpoints of your learners.


Do you aspire to land an instructional designer role? Are you trying to transition from a teaching/learning/training profession into learning experience design (LXD)?

Do you want to specialize in eLearning design & development as a corporate professional or freelancer?

Then this 9-courses in 1 special program helps in just doing that.

This program is designed to provide a practical approach to corporate instructional design (ID) or also called learning experience design (LXD). This program is unique, as it not only teaches you how to create job application assets and build a portfolio from scratch, but also guides you in having hands-on experience through practical case studies, tutorials, worksheets, on the job template assets and many more resources.

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You are about the embark on a journey that will walk you through some key stages allowing you to:

  • Understand the profession of an Instructional Designer and eLearning developer
  • Plan your career in the ID/LXD field
  • Create your instructional design online portfolio, professional learning professional brand
  • Boosting your online presence to be attractive in the job market & social media (e.g. Linkedin Profile Optimization)
  • Learning all the theories, and instructional design models that you NEED to succeed on the job.
  • Learning how to use key IDΒ tech tools to create eLearning: Articulate Storyline, Rise, Camtasia, Vyond, Snagit, Miro and many more.
  • Learn how to work with latest Ai, LMS integration and embedding tools such as xApi, Chat GPT and SCORM.
  • Build key design thinking, graphic design and multimedia skills you need on-the-jobΒ  combined with a toolkit
  • THE secret step by step framework to an effective job search & landing strategy
  • Sample ID/LXD Interview questions and answer formulas
  • Mock Interview scenarios to practice and share for feedback (25+ questions)
  • Learn specific methods and techniques
  • Develop your learning designer mindset and acquire the tools that will help you in any learning project you get involved in.
  • Learn the actual process that goes into building learning solutions while practicing applying the process to realistic learning challenges and be ready to slay your next ID/LXD project.

​and many more goodies to land your next learning designer opportunity!!

On top of the templates and worksheets, the program includes video guides, tutorials and multiple bonuses to help you confidently land your next instructional design job opportunity!

Note: I use instructional design (ID) and learning experience design (LXD) interchangeably but teach the difference in the course.



Welcome to the Program!

What’s in it for you!
You are ready to slay your Learning Designer Career

What is Instructional Design?

What is Instructional Design (ID) or Learning Experience Design (LXD)
Difference between LXDs & IDs
The role of Instructional/Learning Designers
Who do Instructional Designers work with?
Other Related Learning Roles
The Instructional Design Process

Learning Theories

Cognitive Load Theory
Constructivism & Learning Design
Short-Term/Working Memory
Self-Determination Theory
Piaget’s Learning Theory

Gamification in Learning

Gamified Learning Theory
How to design for learning using gamification? [full guide]

Instructional Design Models

ADDIE Process & Model [with Checklist]
7 Must-Know Instructional Design Models
Backwards Course Design [with template]
Micro-learning Explainers
Direct Instruction or Explicit Instruction Model

Needs Analysis

What is needs analysis?
Needs Analysis: Types of Assessments
Case Study Background
Phase 2: Kickoff Meeting
Phase 3: Learner Analysis
Guide for Kickoff Meetings & Discovery calls on Learning Projects

Learner Analysis

Creating Learner Personas
Crafting the Right Questions to Build your Learner Empathy

Learning Objectives & Assessments

Crafting Learning Objectives
Creating Assessments
Example of Scoring Rubric

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor Led Training (with template)

eLearning Development & Authoring Tools

Rise 360
Vyond for Animated Videos
Genially for eLearning
Interactive Infographic with Genially
Interactive Infographic with Canva
Interactive Knowledge Checks & Quizzes with Genially
Creating Interactive Quizzes in Canva
Snagit for Annotated Screenshots
Camtasia for Video Creation
Explainer Videos with Camtasia

Articulate Storyline 360

Introduction to Articulate Storyline
Using Storyline in Mac
Setting up your Articulate Storyline environment
Creating your first project in Articulate Storyline
Using Articulate Storyline’s interactive elements
Customizing the look and feel of your e-Learning content
Publishing and sharing your Articulate Storyline project

Experience API (xAPI)

xAPI Overview
Setting up an LRS (Learning Record Store)
Creating xAPI Statements [Code Template Included]
Sending xAPI Statement to the LRS
Do you really need to know xAPI as an Instructional Designer?
xAPI and LMSes

Learning Experience Design (LXD)

Before you start this LXD Special Section
The Learning Design Challenge You will Tackle
Watch Video: It’s not you! Bad doors are everywhere!
The learning design process & the emotional one
Are you ready?
Discovery Phase Overview
Identify your problem space (Job to be done #1 – Discover)
Example – Problem space for the default challenge
Readiness check JTBD #1 – Before you move to the next section
Reframing the design challenge (Job to be done #2 – Discover)
Example – Reframing the default challenge
Readiness check JTBD #2 – Before you move to the next section
Getting to know your learner (Job to be done #3 – Discover)
Preparing for your interview
Note-taking: Most important thing to do!
Interview readiness check
Define Phase Overview
Analyzing Interview Data (Job to be done #1 – Define)
Create your persona (Job to be done #2 – Define)
Pick your Battle (Job to be done #3 – Define)
The Design Phase Overview
Brainstorm Solutions without judging (Job to be done #1 – Design)
Low Fidelity Design through Storyboarding (Job to be done #2 – Design)
Storyboarding Readiness Check: What to do next?
Test your solution idea (Job to be done #3 – Design)
Validation Guide Template
Validation Readiness Check: What to do next?
Refine solution idea/storyboard based on Learner Feedback (Job to be done #4 –
High fidelity Design/Prototyping (Job to be done #5 – Design)
Prototype Examples & Formats – Default Challenge
Prototyping Readiness Check: What to do next?
Second round of testing (Job to be done #6 – Design)
Design Testing Readiness Check: What to do next?
The Develop Phase Overview
Learning Design Development Readiness Check: What to do next?
The Deploy Phase Overview
Bonus: Design Storytelling!
Congrats! You Made it! What’s next?

Mindset Setting for Landing Your Next Instructional Designer Opportunity

Mindset Setting

ID & LXD Keywords

Key ID/LXD Keywords

Prep your LXD/ID Portfolio with Zero Experience

Duplicate Portfolio Template [10x Speed up your portfolio creation]
Download Portfolio Workbook
Sample Projects to Add to Your Portfolio

Get Job Ready & Land Your Next Instructional Design Opportunity

Optimize your Linkedin Profile
Resume Writing Guide for Instructional Designers & eLearning Professionals
ID/LXD Resume Template [Fill Out]
Writing a Good Cover Letter for ID/LXD Jobs
Types of ID/LXD Contents
Job Search Strategy
What to be Looking for on Job Posts
Creating an Opportunity for Yourself
Understanding the recruitment process
Researching the Recruiting Company or Organization
Clarify your Why as a Learning Professional

Get Ready for ID/LXD Interview & Land your Next ID/LXD Dream Opportunity

How to Answer Common ID/LXD Questions
Questions to Ask Interviewers & Impress Them!
29 Interview Questions Bank – Practice out loud > Rehearse > Send for Feedback