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Unleash Your Superpower: Courage

What you will learn

Students will understand what it means to control their emotions.

Students will understand what it means to “overlook the negative”.

Students will understand what it means to be courageous and apply it to their life.

Students will understand what it means to tap into their “highest self”.

Unleashing their superpower: Courage.


If you ask person, “What does it mean to be courageous?” Someone will probably use a reference from a super hero movie. Many of us think being courageous is just about saving someone from a burning building, diving in front of a car to save another person or even disarming an active shooter. Although those actions are extremely courageous and heroic, we need courage for normal everyday things- such as walking away from a conflict. Courage is also needed for big things such as going after our dreams or talking to a stranger who we think is attractive. We need courage to choose a good emotion for a bad situation, and even to do what’s right. Courage is a tool that we all have, but not everyone knows how to tap into it. This course will help students unleash their superpower, courage. Cornelius gives the student practical tools that will help them become more courageous in their life.

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Cornelius is one of the most dynamic youth motivational speakers today. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Cornelius was exposed to violence and crime from a young age. Several of Corneliusʼ friends have been incarnated, and three have died. He wonders how their lives might have turned out differently if they had someone to show them the tools to manage emotions, focus on the positive, and become leaders and masters of their own lives. Regardless of his troubled past, he was able to overcome all of his obstacles and earned both his bachelors and masters degree. In addition to his educational success, Cornelius is the owner of a 501c3 nonprofit, Super-Self Institute dedicated to help youth become super leaders. Cornelius is also the author of 9 youth development books and he has been a youth counselor for the past 10 years.Through Corneliusʼ transparent motivational speaking he shares his story of working his way through the pitfalls and overcoming adversity to achieve his goals. His story helps students know that anything is possible if they are willing to put in the work. Corneliusʼ ability to connect with the any audience is exceptional, and his objective is help students unleash their true power and tap into their highest self to become super leaders of today.




Intro- Having the Courage to Make the Right Decision
Courage is Your Superpower: Juvenile
Courage is Your Superpower: The Coconut Tree
Courage is Your Superpower: Brittany

Controlling Your Emotions

Controlling Your Emotions- understanding.
Using your power to control your emotions.

Overlooking the Negative

Changing your negative perspective into a positive one.
Changing your perspective to from a positive one to a negative one part 2.

Understanding your Power

Understanding your Power


Aligning yourself with greatness.


Dreams and Alignment



Super Leadership

Super Leadership
Super Leadership Part 2