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Business to business high ticket sales and marketing to sell to large companies, generate leads, and large customers

What you will learn

Make B2B sales

Do successful cold calling

Business leads from multiple tools

Generate an income selling to businesses

Create a sales system that will help them increase their sales and lead vetting process


Learn to make high ticket sales to businesses, organizations, universities, and non-profits.

You will learn how to build out a sales team, how to do outside sales and inside sales, how to structure your pitch, how to get sales from cold calling and cold email, and how to carry on the sales conversation to close the sale.

This course has two instructors. The first instructor is Jeremiah Boehner. He is the #1 salesperson at his company and has over 5 years of sales experience.

Alex Genadinik is the second instructor, and he will teach you how to sell using social media and SEO.

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Learn the difference between inside sales and outside sales. Inside sales is when your sales staff works from their home or your office and primarily does cold emailing, cold calling, and various online lead generation strategies. Outside sales is when your sales staff actually go to client offices and do sales there.


Learn the differences between luring clients in by having them find your business with inbound sales vs. outbound sales where your sales team has to reach out to potential clients.


The course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I’ve done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll now.



Introduction to the course
Course introduction
Subtitles, video quality, your certificate, tips on watching & common course Q&A
Overview of marketing strategies so you can fit each into your marketing
LinkedIn messaging
Options for LinkedIn messaging automation tools
LinkedIn connection message template to immediately compel and interest people
LinkedIn welcome message template
Finding leads
Using FindThatLead browser extension for LinkedIn using Chrome to get emails
D7LeadFinder tool introduction
D7LeadFinder results
Getting started
Steve Blank’s theory: customer development
Should you do a free or discounted consultation call?
Using emotional intelligence and empathy in sales
What is empathy
How I use empathy and emotional intelligence in sales
Creating an email autoresponder campaign
Difference of email autoresponder and email workflow
My approach to copywriting
Technically setting up the autoresponder in Mailchimp
First email of the autoresponder that can actually get your leads on a call
Second autoresponder email
Example of a good autoresponder with Helium 10
Third, fourth, fifth and further emails in your autoresponder
Supplemental app resources to aid you in your business
Supplemental app resources to aid you in your business
Hiring Your First Sales Person
Automate your hiring
Inside vs Outside Sales
Inbound vs Outbound Sales
Business Development Reps
Hiring Your First Sales Person
How to get leads
Leads from GoogleAdwords or where else?
Cold calling?
Cold Calling Effectiveness
Cold email
How to get emails and phone numbers using Linkedin?
How to create your pitch
Your elevator pitch
The sales cycle and how to close the sale
Sales Basics: Sales Cycles
Sales Basics: Selling and Buying Triggers
How to Build Rapport with a client or customer
How to get the decision maker to say yes
Alex Genadinik b2b sales using scalable web marketing
What you will get in this section
Products I sell B2B using SEO and additional ideas for products
Selling B2B products via YouTube
Facebook ads to target your potential clients
Facebook ads section introduction
How to get to the Facebook ad dashboard
Which ad type is right for you
Setting the targeting for your ad
After setting the targeting for your ad, set the ad format
Pro tip for better targeting and user conversion
How to install your Facebook pixel
How to set up ad retargeting
Targeting lookalike audiences
Easy equipment setup
Creating a professional LinkedIn profile to boost your professional profile
LinkedIn as your reputation management on online resume
Professionally branding your 2 LinkedIn images
Managing your website listing on your contacts details
Updating your byline to promote your business or brand you
How to create a nice summary for your LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations
Fast way to get recommendations
Experience, publications, and other important sections of your LinkedIn profile
Five hundred contacts and managing your connection requests
Company page for branding and SEO citation
Participating in LinkedIn groups
Your LinkedIn feed
Other lead nurturing on social media (not high priority but can help)
B2B sales course conclusion
We are nearing the end of the course
If you find yourself learning but not starting
On your business vs. in your business
Bonus lecture: Next steps