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The different types of manipulation that politicians may use – as well as how to avoid them or fight them

What you will learn

The different types of manipulation in politics

Specific examples of how each type of manipulation may be used by political candidates

How to protect yourself against each of these types used by politicians

Combinations of the different types of manipulation by political candidates and others



Manipulation can be dangerous, but hard to understand.

Many times we are driven to action, or towards a specific line of thought without even realizing it.

And more than in other areas, this occurs in politics.

How do politicians manipulate us? How do they twist facts, create panic, make us feel understood, among other techniques?

This course will show you.

Welcome to the only course that focuses on manipulation within politics in specific.

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Some people – including me – love to know what they’re getting in a package.

And by this, I mean, EVERYTHING that is in the package.

So, here is a list of everything that this course covers:

  • How politicians can manipulate someone’s consistency by getting them to take a small action or agree with something smalll, and then ramping it up (such as agreeing with an idea or wearing a badge);
  • How politicians can leverage emotional manipulation by creating panic, or on the contrary, anticipation for their promised outcomes;
  • How politicians can leverage effort manipulation, making voting or doing them a favor seem something less effortful, which leads people to doing it more, or making their competition’s initiatives seem more effortful;
  • How politicians can leverage standard manipulation, making unfair comparisons or hiding the criteria among different initiatives or results;
  • How politicians can leverage pressure manipulation, by creating scarcity and fear in people’s minds to drive them to action;
  • How politicians can leverage identification manipulation, making their voters feel understood, or faking traits in common to obtain votes;
  • How politicians can leverage fact manipulation, twisting the actual facts related to their initiatives, hiding facts or “optimizing them” by changing how numbers are measured;
  • How politicians can leverage context manipulation by making advantageous comparisons in terms of themselves and their results, and neutralizing the advantages of others;
  • How politicians can leverage labeling manipulation, using negative labels to discredit and offend their opponents, and positive labels to simplify themselves as dependable high achievers;


Remember that you always have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk for you.

Also, I suggest you make use of the free preview videos to make sure the course really is a fit. I don’t want you to waste your money.

If you think this course is a fit and can take your knowledge of how to protect yourself from manipulation to the next level… it would be a pleasure to have you as a student.

See on the other side!



Consistency Manipulation
Consistency Manipulation in Politics
Emotional Manipulation
Emotional Manipulation in Politics
Effort Manipulation
Effort Manipulation in Politics
Standard Manipulation
Standard Manipulation in Politics
Pressure Manipulation
Pressure Manipulation in Politics
Identification Manipulation
Identification Manipulation in Politics
Fact Manipulation
Fact Manipulation in Politics
Context Manipulation
Context Manipulation in Politics
Labeling Manipulation
Labeling Manipulation in Politics