Scrum Practical Implementation Using Jira | Product Roadmap | Backlog | Dashboards | Reports | Agile Project Tool | PDUs

What you will learn

Create Agile Project in Jira

Use Scrum and Kanban templates in Jira

Create Product Backlog in Jira

Create Dashboard and Reports in Jira

Learn about end to end Agile Scrum project cycle using Jira

Implement Scrum using a tool


This course will help you learn with practical examples how to apply Agile Scrum in your project using an agile project management tool Jira. The course covers demo of Jira using project examples and provides multiple assignments to practice the learning.

Learn how to create the following artefacts in Jira:

· Agile Stories, Epics and Tasks

· Product Backlog and Prioritization

· Release plan

· Story Maps

· Product Roadmap

· Dashboards and Reports like Burndown and Burnup Charts

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· How to manage interdependencies

· Sprint Planning

· Kanban Board

The assignments provided gives step by step guide to create artefacts in Jira and helps in practicing the concepts learned.

Course uses a case study-based approach and example of the case study used is very easy to understand and anyone can relate to its requirements. Learners get end to end visual experience of how to plan the agile project using a tool like Jira.

Learners will get to learn about the dashboards and reports that are used to involve stakeholders and keep them updated about the project progress. Using tools and concepts covered in training Leaners will learn about how to effectively collaborate with their stakeholders and engage everyone even if the team is distributed.

This course will also provide great insights into managing teams effectively while working in a distributed set up or while collaborating with other enterprise teams within the organization.



Agile Scrum using Jira Part I

End to end Scrum lifecycle using Jira Tool – Part I
End to End Scrum Lifecycle Using Jira Tool – Part II
Create Story Maps using Jira Tool
Create Product Roadmap Using Jira Tool
Create Dashboard and Reports Using Jira