Everything You Need To Know For Your First Karate Belt Test At SKO

What you will learn

This course contains all of the techniques needed for the first belt in SKO karate, the course comprises of ten classes

Students will have a thorough understanding of all the basic Shotokan karate techniques and have all the techniques required for the first belt test in karate

Easy to follow but highly detailed video tutorials cover all the basic karate techniques in details

Once the basic fundamentals of karate are understood, the progress of the karateka (someone who practices karate) is much faster, the foundation must be right

Can be studied and practiced from the comfort of your own home

This course contains everything needed for the first karate belt test at SKO


This course will give a complete understanding of the karate techniques need for the first belt in Shotokan karate. The video tutorials are very detailed but easy to understand and follow.

There are ten Shotokan karate video tutorials, plus some bonus videos and material that we hope will help you understand the physical and philosophical sides of Shotokan karate.

Shotokan karate is a facsinating art that encompasses so much more than just self defense alone. In the bonus material we cover some of the many areas of Shotokan karate.

We cover the karate warm up and stretch in detail, followed by the Karate bow (rei) and forming the karate fist (seiken).

The straight punch (choku zuki) video covers the basic punch, but does also go into some advanced details to take your punch to the next level.

All of the remaining video tutorials are the same, in that they cover the basic technique, but also cover some advanced details.

We have tried to cram as much detail in the shortest time possible, because we realize how busy everybody is.

These tutorials are very detailed and repetition is the way to understand and be able to execute these karate techniques properly.

We encourage our students to take their time and move slowly at first.

Once each technique is fully understood, then speed up the techniques.

I hope you enjoy this introductory course to Shotokan Karate.




The Karate Bow (Rei)

Understanding The Karate Bow (Rei)

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The Karate Ready Position (yoi)

Tha Karate Yoi ( Natural Position Or Ready Position)

The Karate Warm Up And Stretch

The Karate Warm Up And Stretch

Forming The Karate Fist (seiken)

Forming The Karate Fist (seiken)

Straight Punch (chokuzuki)

The Karate straight Punch (chokuzuki)

Upper Block (age uke)

Upper Block (age uke)

Inside Block (uchi uke)

Inside Block (uchi uke)

Downward Block (gedan barai)

Downward Block (gedan barai)

Outside Block (soto uke)

Outside Block (soto uke)

Additional Material

Hit Fast Hit Hard Hit With Accuracy But Most Of All Hit With Intent

How Often Should You Train?