Profit in sports markets, it’s not that hard.

What you will learn

Learn mathematical, data-driven sports betting with a focus on profit.

Learn the skills required to make risk free returns in sports with arbitrage.

Learn about efficiency of different sports markets and positive expected value betting.

Learn how to shop lines and only place bets with value odds.


In this tutorial, we discuss that sports betting is a financial market, just like the stock market. Odds are not static and are determined by supply & demand. As new information enters the sports betting ecosystem, odds change. As an example, if Kevin Durant gets injured, the Nets moneyline odds may move from -200 odds to -120 odds, as the Nets are less likely to win the game.

We next outline line shopping and the importance of having multiple sportsbook accounts. Since sportsbooks have different odds, set by independent models, you need multiple accounts to become a profitable sports bettor. As an example, if you are located in New Jersey, you have 15+ bookmakers to choose from; ideally, you have them all. Getting the best odds (e.g. +200 instead of +185) adds up to a lot of money in the long run, as the whole goal as a profitable sports bettor is to identify discrepancies in odds.

We next outline bookmaker limits. Sports betting is not scalable. That is why “professional sports betting” is a career path that attracts 0 smart, technical people. It’s a career path where your earnings are capped. For that reason, you should never, never trust somebody who claims to be a “professional sports bettor.”

Again, we will go over the sports betting ecosystem and the basic concepts that sports bettor need to know to profit. The concepts discussed are line shopping, differences in sportsbook odds, arbitrage, and positive expected value betting. We explain how to use these concepts to maximize your return on odds boosts and sportsbook promotions.

Alex worked as a quantitative trader on Wall Street, and he walks you through the basics of profitable sports betting. If you are in the US or Canada, this tutorial should be able to generate you at least $10,000+ per year.





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