Introducing you to Facebook business pages, how to create them & how to use them!

What You Will Learn

You will have an awareness of Facebook

You will learn how to create a Business Page

You will learn how to create & upload images to post on your page

By the end of this course you will have the confidence to go it alone!


  • Internet
  • A personal Facebook profile
  • No experience necessary
  • A willingness to learn



Welcome to ‘A Basic Introduction to Social Media: Facebook Business Newcomers’.

We’ll be going through the history of Facebook, why businesses need to be on this platform or channel, the basics of Facebook pages, how to create them, how to publish them & how to edit them as well as how to create posts on your page & add images & videos to your posts too.

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By the end of this short course will have learned the basics of Facebook for Business and gained a couple of helpful tools that you can pass on to other Facebook newcomers – or send them my way if your business is booming!

This course will contain slides, videos & tutorial-style learning so that you can work alongside me in creating your page!

I’m also going to introduce you to some other platforms that you may want to try after you’ve mastered Facebook for your business & if you get stuck you know where to come to find answers.

Please be aware you will need a personal Facebook profile to be able to follow the steps in this course so if you haven’t already got one, go ahead & sign up beforehand – it’s free, just like this course!

Stay social,

Who this course is for:

  • Is primarily aimed at business newcomers who are ready to dive into the world of social media