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Learn Data Visualization and Analysis

What You Will Learn

You could create visualization charts on Quicksight and Tableau

You could find meaningful insights from the dataset

You could arrange Data charts on a dashboard

You could perform various operations such as using filter, calculated fields, etc


  • No experience required in Data Visualization or Business Intelligence, you will learn everything from beginning.


Here in this course you will learn about Business Intelligence and Data Visualization with practical examples using Amazon Quicksight and Tableau. You will learn to import various types of dataset in a BI tool. Various operations could be performed on this imported dataset such as adding filters and creating new columns or modified data values using calculated fields. We can also remove certain data elements using excluded list and conditional formatting. You will learn about these concepts in step wise manner.

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Moreover you would also learn to create data visualization charts that helps you visualize information in compressed form in categorized way. You could find insights from complex data using a combination of charts that can be further dived deeper by adding filters. You would learn to create various types of data charts on both Tableau and Quicksight.

You will learn various concepts with practical examples in Tableau such as-

  • How to import an excel file in Tableau
  • Various chart types
  • Creating Map Visualization
  • Converting measures to dimensions and vice versa
  • Calculating Measure and creating a dual axis chart
  • Creating multiple worksheets
  • Creating a dashboard
  • Using map as a filter
  • Creating custom filters
  • Adding filters to the dashboard
  • Creating an Analytics dashboard with filters
  • Creating a Calculated field
  • Butterfly chart
  • Word Cloud

Moreover you would learn various lessons on AWS Quicksights such as-

  • Getting Started with Quicksight
  • Importing dataset and understanding group and values
  • Creating Treemap and Customizing charts
  • Data Preparation- Editing Dataset before creating Charts
  • Create a Calculated Field using Functions- ceil and concat
  • More calculated fields
  • Creating Filters and Excluded list
  • Map Chart and Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot table

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals curious to learn Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
  • Anyone looking to Learn AWS Quicksight and Tableau