Introductory course in Microbiology detailing its Scope, History and Applications

What you will learn

Basic introduction to Microbiology

Scope and History of Microbiology


This course is aimed at giving an overview of Microbiology, emphasizing on the scope and History of Microbiology

The first section gives a description on microbiology, their position in the hierarchy of classification, a brief description of bacterial classification and different microorganisms

The second section gives various milestones in the field of Microbiology, the history, behind a few techniques with due attribution to the scientists and contributors.

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Details on the scope and applications of Microbiology is also discussed.

The course is for any person interested in life sciences and is willing to pursue a career in Biotechnology, general Microbiology, Molecular biology, Pharmacy, Medicine and other similar courses




Introduction to Microbiology

Scope of Microbiology

Scope of Microbiology
Five Kingdom Classification
Bacterial Classification
Branches in Microbiology

History of Microbiology

Importance of History in Microbiology
From Abiogenesis theory to Biogenesis
History of Fermentation and Pasteurization
Germ Theory
Pure Culture technique
History of Vaccines
Applications of Microbiology