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Simple Yoga steps and Subtle Deep breathing Pranayama explained

What you will learn

Students will learn to Create an awareness in themselves through Yoga. The Various yoga postures discussed will bring in stability of body and Connection of mind together.


Who am I was the question. I am the Witness is the answer. I am the witness of your love, I am the witness of your joy.  I am the witness of good, the witness to your smiles, the witness to your bliss. I have seen you in lightness of heart, I have seen you in brightness of spirit.  The question is, if I am the witness, then who is the doer. Is it you or Is it me.. This course An Ounce of Bliss through Yoga part 2 is created with immense passion to explain Yoga asanas in simple manner.

This Course Includes:

1. The best of standing postures for Spinal column alignment

2. The best of Back postures for a steady back

3. The best of Back bending postures for releasing energy blockages that hold your body.

4. The best of Relaxation postures between Asanas to relax yourself in between sequential asanas

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5. The best of Breathinh Exercises Pranayama for beginners

6. Bonus lecture with simple introduction to meditation.

My friends I have created these 2 courses An Ounce of Bliss through Yoga part 1 and part 2 for you to have a perfect relaxation and balance in your body.

This Course part 2 has a special section for Pranayama that means systematic breathing. This has been designed for beginners who want to get into breathing and making themselves free ans happy.

I have also attempted to simply introduce meditation into the course and hoping that I would come up with a Complete meditation series.

Enjoy the course.



About myself and the Course
Introduction of Standing postures
Simple Standing posture 1 Veerabhadra 1
Simple standing posture 2
Simple Standing posture 3 Veerabhadra Asana 3
Simple Standing Posture Tadasana or Palm tree posture
Simple Standing posture Fly in Sky TadaAsana
Tiryakta Tadasana The Palm tree sides
Bonus Lecture Pada Hasta Asana
The Strengthening of Your back
The Chair posture
The All the Best posture
I am the Best Posture
The Tree Posture
Bonus lecture Spiritual Posture
Shh…The Snake, Back bending for Spinal Column
Introduction to Back Bending Series
The Simple Cobra posture 1 Saral BhujangaAsana
The Cobra Posture Bhujanga Asana
Sides of Cobra Tiryakt Bhujanga Asana
Bhujanga Asana 2 The Simple Cobra Pose 2
Conclusion for Back Bending Series
Relaxation between Asanas
The Sleeping posture or Savasana
The Stomach Sleeping Posture or Advasana
Hand Behind Neck Relxation
The la la relaxation posture
Breathing All we are our breath Pranayama Series
Bhastrika Pump the Baloon
Anulom Vilom Stage 1
Breathing Series Anulom Vilom 2
Breathing seriea Kapalbhatti or The Shining Forehead
Breathing Series Honey Bee Chanting
Honey Bee Variation 2
Cool yourself through Sheethali Breath
Happy Breathing Conclusion
Concluding An Ounce of Bliss
Bonus Lecture Meditation Small Introduction