Zen it up

What you will learn

The course is conceptualizing how simple practices can give rise to a calmer mind


That which you are seeking is seeking you.

It seeks you inside yourself.

Yoga in ancient days was divised by the creators for moulding the mind in such a way that man can conquer his inner states through the various practices prescribed. With the passing of time, Yoga became more and more independent of its multidimensional qualities of creating a mind that is free from analogies and dialogues. My course aims to internalize the process of yoga not only as a means to achieve a beautiful body but also as a path to blend the scattered mind into a settled mind.

My experience of 10 years as a Yoga teacher and ardent yoga practioner has made me submerged in the lap of nature that helps me to communicate with nature, plants and trees. I wanted to share how we can learn from 2 Personas of nature, the most powerful creation , The Tree and The most powerful warrior , The man.

After learning these lessons it is very apt to use the process to reach a state of Zen mind. I have shared Sit Za zen method with an objective to make the running man slow down a bit to achieve a peaceful state.

I am sure, the space from which this course comes will open the doors of Zen to your life.






About myself

Sitting Za Zen Explained

Understand the Za Zen posture

Conclusion for Session 1

Lets Zen in

Standing Za Zen Postures

Posture 1

Posture 2

Signature Tune to posture 1 and posture 2

Posture 1 and Posture 2 instructions

All the best Quiz

Conclusion for Za Zen standing posture

The Tree in you – Zen Lessons from Tree

Introduction to a Tree

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Tree Posture : Stage 1 Basic step

Posture 1 Steps explained

Tree Posture : Stage 2

Posture 2 Steps explained

Reaching to the Final Tree posture

Tree posture steps explained

The Surrender Posture Lesson from a tree

The Tree meditation

Summarizing all the 3 postures of a Tree

Conclusion for Section 3

Tree Root Observation


Introduction to Sitting posture 1

Practice Zensation by observing your senses

Relaxed Sitting Posture 2

Zen lessons from a Warrior

Introduction to The Warrior posture

Warrior Posture 1

The Warrior Posture 2

Summarizing Posture 1 and Posture 2

Conclusive Note