The essential course for understanding the Mechanics of Heat

What you will learn

Understand and calculate the three modes of Heat Transfer

Understand how heat transfer effects the design of objects from homes to satellites

How heat loss can be prevented

Why take this course?

The course will cover the three modes of heat transfer namely conduction, convection and radiation in detail. These modes will be explained through descriptions and illustrations. The underlying equations that  define these phenomenon will also be explained in an easy to understand manner.

The last section of the course will explore some interesting examples of Heat transfer from everyday life to engineering. The way heat is managed by entities from animals to satellites will be looked at in detail.

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This course will provide several golden nuggets of information to those who are interested in finding out how the thermal mechanics of this world work. It will also provide a head start to students who are due to study heat transfer as part of their engineering curriculum. For students who have struggled with this subject, this course will aim to build and solidify core concepts.

The course is made up of written lectures, Power points,  videos and downloadable pdfs. Notes will be provided and tutorials will be given on solving mathematical problems. Almost 30 minutes of videos will be included.

If you are dissatisfied with the course, your money will be refunded.