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A Hackers Perspective

What you will learn

How Hackers Attack WordPress

How to Stay Safe on WordPress

Types of WordPress Cyber Attacks

Best Practices


Alright, imagine you’re chilling online, minding your own biz, and suddenly, bam! Some sneaky hacker tries to crash your WordPress party. Not cool, right? That’s why you need to beef up your WordPress security game, my friend.

In this course, we’re gonna dive deep into the murky waters of WordPress security, but fear not, ’cause we’ll be your trusty guides. We’ll put on our hacker hats and see WordPress through their sneaky eyes. You’ll learn all the dirty tricks these cyber baddies use to break into websites and wreak havoc.

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We’ll cover everything from fortifying your login page fortress to beefing up your plugin protection. In this course we’ll do more than just install a Security Plugin. We’ll show you demos of how a hacker can get into WordPress sites. By taking a hackers perspective, you’ll be able to protect against Cyber Security threats.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom! We’ll also arm you with some nifty tools and techniques to stay one step ahead of those pesky hackers. By the end of this course, you’ll be the Chuck Norris of WordPress security, ready to kick cyber butt and keep your site safe and sound. So grab a coffee and let’s lock down your WordPress empire!




Quick WordPress Intro

Hackers Perspective

Password Attack (part 1)
Password Attack (part 2)
Hidden wp-admin
Safe Delete
Data Exposure
Web Server Security