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Learn How to Create a Web Series from start to finish with script writing, finding actors, production, casting, and more

What you will learn

Create your own web series from start to finish. Find the concept that works for several episodes and learn how to make your home a set to film the series.

Learn how to produce your web series and run a seamless production.

Edit and learn all the tips needed to set a deadline and stick to your deadlines.

Develop your concept for your web series and learn how to write your script.

Why take this course?

🎬 **Web Series Creating and Producing – How to Make Your Show** 🚀
**_Master the Art of Web Series Creation with Industry Expert Jordan Imiola_🚀 **Course Headline:** Learn How to Create a Web Series from **Start to Finish** with scriptwriting, finding actors, production, casting, and more! 🚀

**🌟 Course Description:**

Dive into the exciting world of web series creation with our comprehensive online course led by experienced screenwriter, producer, and showrunner, **Jordan Imiola**. With a proven track record of creating about a dozen web series on minimal budgets, Jordan is here to guide you through every step of the process.

**Why Take This Course?**

– **Concept Development:** Learn how to brainstorm and refine your web series concept until it resonates with your target audience.

– **Scriptwriting Mastery:** Gain the skills to craft compelling narratives that keep viewers engaged episode after episode.

– **Actor Casting Secrets:** Discover how to find and cast the perfect actors for your show, ensuring authenticity and depth in your performances.

– **Seamless Production Techniques:** Understand the ins and outs of producing a web series, from pre-production to wrapping up filming.

– **Editing Tips:** Learn professional editing techniques to enhance the quality of your episodes and keep your audience captivated.

– **Marketing and Release Strategies:** Explore effective ways to promote your series and maximize its impact after publishing it on the web.

**What You’ll Learn:**

– **Script Writing:** Techniques for writing scripts that are engaging, well-structured, and ready for production.

– **Rewriting and Table Reads:** The importance of rewriting your script to perfection and conducting table reads with actors to bring your words to life.

– **Casting Process:** Strategies for finding local talent and how to work effectively with your cast.

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– **Production Skills:** How to manage a production schedule, budget, and crew while keeping the creative vision intact.

– **Post-Production Insights:** Edit your series efficiently and set deadlines to maintain momentum.

– **Post-Release Planning:** Know what to do after your web series is published to ensure it reaches its intended audience.

**Behind the Scenes Insights:**

Jordan Imiola doesn’t just teach from a textbook – he shares his personal experiences, behind-the-scenes stories, and hard-earned lessons learned along the way, including his own mistakes to help you avoid common pitfalls.

**Your Creative Journey:**

As you progress through this course, we encourage you to work on your own web series project in tandem with your learning experience. Apply what you learn, make it your own, and by the end of this class, you’ll be ready to share your vision with the world!

**Course Highlights:**

– **Step-by-Step Guidance:** From concept to completion, Jordan will guide you through every phase of web series production.

– **Hands-On Learning:** Work on your own project as you learn, ensuring that you’re not just a passive observer but an active participant in the process.

– **Real-World Examples:** See actual examples of successful web serieses and understand what makes them work.

– **Community Support:** Engage with fellow aspiring creators in the course community for support and inspiration.

**After the Class:**

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to write, produce, and distribute your own web series episodes. Don’t forget to leave a review if you find this class helpful! Your feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement.

Join us on this creative adventure and start your journey towards becoming a successful web series creator today! 🎬✨