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Learn to create consistent monthly returns trading Calendar Spreads

What you will learn

Execute high probability trades that win over 80% of the time

Define your risk on every trade…before you even enter the trade

Know exactly which Stocks & ETFs to trade…and which ones to AVOID!

See live trade examples…with REAL MONEY

Choose the best online broker for trading options

Understand how to profit from implied volatility – our real “edge” in trading

Set up your trading platform so that you can easily execute trades

Adjust your positions if a trade goes bad

Execute trades that are the right “size” based on your specific account value


*****Join over 2,000 happy students enrolled in this course*****

Learn how I profit from trading Calendar Spreads using options on stocks and ETFs. This course is a complete step-by-step guide on how to create a consistent monthly income with our Calendar Spread strategies.


  • A computer with internet connection

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What you will get from this course

  • The NavigationTrading Implied Volatility Indicator – Load it directly to your trading platform!
  • The NavigationTrading Watch List – The most profitable symbols to trade…AND which ones to avoid!
  • Learn to make money trading 15 minutes per day. You DO NOT have to be glued to your computer screen
  • How to place High Probability Calendar Spreads, that win over 75% of the time
  • Learn how to make money on trades if the market goes UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS
  • How to open and close winning trades…and most importantly, how to fix a trade that goes bad
  • A little known trick to learn your Probability of Profit, before you even enter the trade
  • Lots of real life trade examples…using my own money
  • Students of our course can get a reduced commission rate at a top rated options broker
  • Unlimited email support from the instructor and his trading team

Who is this course for?

Anyone! Whether you are a brand new investor, or veteran trader, this course will provide you with the tools necessary to reach your financial goals. You can more than pay for the price of this course with your first trade!



Course Foundation

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Potential Trading Profits
Legal Disclosures
How To Contact Us
Preferred Online Brokers
Why Calendar Spreads?
Choose Your Trading Vehicle
Setting Up The Trade
Analyzing The Trade
Placing The Trade
Exiting a Winning Trade
Winning Trade in RUT
Calendar Spread Performance
Adjusting The Trade
Learn How to Minimize Losing Trades
Closing an Adjusted Trade – DIA Example
Monitoring Your Positions
Position Sizing
Course Recap
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