Start your violin journey the right way!

What you will learn

Learn to hold the bow in a very detailed way, which will help you develop great flexibility in your playing as you progress.

Learn the parts of the violin, as well as their purpose.

Get a broad understanding of how we produce the sound on the violin.



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Parts of the Violin and Basics of Sound Production
Sound Production on Violin

Bow Hold Fundamentals

Position of the Right-Hand Thumb
Flexion, Extension, and Rotation of the Arms

Bow Hold Exercises

Exercises for Correct Thumb Position
Position of the Right-Hand Fingers
Exercises for Comfortable Bow Hold
Role of Each Finger
Bow Hold Traditions
Exercises for Flexibility of the Wrist

Arm Anatomy and Proper Arm Movement

Arm Anatomy
Proper Arm Movement – part 1
Proper Arm Movement – part 2
Time to measure your progress. Record yourself teaching what you learned so far.

Unit 2 Preview | Holding the Violin | Posture and Body Alignment

Finding the Correct Body Alignment
Bonus Lecture: What’s next?