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What you will learn

Each and everything about Calendar Related problems – Basics, theory and solutions to all possible problems related to Calendars


Calculation of “Day of The Week”  i.e. Calendar is an extremely small topic in the general mathematics but this topic is very important from the point of view of examinations also from the point of view of general awareness. The facts and basics of Calendar are such that they make it  a very interesting topic to read and to understand.  I have noticed that the students have many doubts about the calculation of “Odd Days” and the figuring out the  Leap years. Actually, the topic of calendar mainly revolves around the above-mentioned two concepts i.e. “Odd Days” and Leap Years. I have chalked out the course content of this course accordingly keeping in view the things discussed above.

Starting from the basics and fundamentals of solving calendar problems, this course deals with advanced and difficult questions which are generally asked in different exams. This course is equally useful for both school students and the students who are preparing for competitive exams and Math olympiads. I have made all-out efforts to make things as simple and easy as possible. After going through the content of this course, all possible problems related to calendars can be solved with ease and without doing many calculations. The course becomes extremely handy for the students who are doing preparations for their competitive exams or they are trying for Math olympiads. After learning various facts and nuances about the calendar theory most of the questions can be answered in a matter of seconds. This course is equally useful for parents and grand parents who want to teach their children so that children could grasp the concepts with full clarity and understanding.

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Out of the total time of one hour’s course material, I have taken about thirty percent of the course time in explaining the theory part of calendar to enable the students to understand the facts and basics of the topic thoroughly thereby grasping the concept with total clarity.

In order to include all possible types of questions that are frequently posed to the students in different exams, I have made an extensive search on the internet and have visited various websites that deal with math fundamentals and helping the students in solving quantitative aptitude.





Understanding Leap Years

What is a Leap Year?
Knowing Leap Year – Without Dividing by 4
Leap Year – Learning by Examples

Story of “Odd Days”

Meaning and Calculation of Odd Days
Odd Days – After Every 400 Years Starting Afresh
Odd Days – In Individual Months
Getting Day of The Week From Total Odd Days

Problem Solving Session

Learning With An Example
Step Required to Solve A Calendar Problem
Solving Problems in a Faster Mode

Question Generally Asked In Exams

If 1st January 2010 is Friday, What is Day on : a) 1st Jan 2010 b) 1st Jan 2013
7th March 2021 is Sunday, Find Day on 7th March 2021.
Which dates of April 2001 were Tuesdays?
Today it is Wednesday, What will be day of the week after 103 days?
1st Jan 2006 was a Sunday, Find day of the week on 1st Jan, 2010

After how many years, does a calendar repeat itself ?

When next the calendar of 2008 will repeat itself?

Days on last day and on first day of a century

Can Tuesday be a last day of a century?