Making the Right Choice in life


We play a lot of games trying to build the best character in it and make the best decision to be the best online. But have we thought about life in general? What do we do to build the best character and decision to be the best out there? How do we do it? What does best mean? Here in this 2 hour module, you will be equipped with having the awareness of the lenses you put on to perceive the world, your values, and what is the world actually saying?

With understanding yourself better, understanding the world better, you would learn how to discern and make a wiser choice that starts all the way from your identity, what to study, what is your career, all the way to who you want to be in life.

Here will be our flow:

1. How does our decisions in games give insights to the decisions we make outside?

2. How are games a simulation for the game of life?

3. What is the finite and infinite game?

What are you waiting for? come join us as we play games, discuss, and learn together to gain the skills for the game of life. Are you ready to build your character?




The Game We Play

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The MMORPG game you play

Lecture 2: Who are you?

Section 2: The Game of Life

The in real lfie

Lecture 4: Why, How, What

Section 3: The Infinite Game

The Finite and Infinite Game

The Test of your Life