The French factor
French language course for Beginners

What you will learn

French grammar from the basics.

400 + vocabulary words.

Frequently used French phrases.

Guide for a clear French pronounciation.

Sentence structure.

Application of words, sentences for the real life usage.

Dialogues for the demanding situations.

Famous French proverbs with their English equivalents.


This course, ” The French factor ” is created for the complete beginners to learn French from the basics. No previous knowledge is required. This course is video based. You will have more than 2.5 hours of content. Clear explanation and presentation of the contents in all the videos could be seen . You’ll learn lots of words to expand your French vocabulary. Regarding the Grammar part, it’s decoded from the elemental levels. Tenses : Present and future tenses explained with all three groups along with the irregular verbs. French phonetics rendered with substantial no. of examples. Presenting the French way of conversing in dialogues. The types of dialogues are chosen and  presented to aid you in the real life application. Both formal and informal way of conversations are shown. There are sixteen downloadable resources that provide additional essentials and facts to broaden your understanding and learning competencies. Numerous examples for all the lectures / contents are given to make you apprehend how they are applied in real life usage. You will be studying the Sentence pattern from the simplest form. Ample number of exercises to practice and test your learning skills and there are exercises for wrritten and listening comprehension. Thus, you’ll learn to read, write, listen and speak in French. Renowned French proverbs and their English equivalents are given.

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Alphabets & Numbers

Alphabets & Numbers

Vocabulary & Orthographic signs

La famille
La maison
Les Signes orthographiques

Pronounciation – Fundamentals

Les prononciations – 1
Les sons – 1

Articles & Adjectives

Les articles définis & Les adjectifs démonstratifs
Les adjectifs de couleur & Les formules de politesses
Les adjectifs qualificatifs

Expression of time

Quelle heure est-il ?

Present tense

Le présent de l’indicatif


Les parties du corps

Nationalities and Professions

Les professions – 2
Exercise – Les nationalités

Pronominal verbs

Les verbes pronominaux

Prepositions and Adverbs

Les adverbes


Les dialogues
Les légumes ( Vocabulaire ) + un dialogue

Vocabulary and Written comprehension

Les magasins et la vache
Les vêtements et la terre

The Future tense

Le futur
Les pronoms personnels compléments


Trouvez les antonymes et les magasins :- (Find the antonyms and shops:-)
Les Exercices – a
Les Exercices – b

Exercises – Written and oral comprehension

La compréhension écrite – FRANCE
La compréhension orale