behavioral biases, nudge theory, 輕推理論

What you will learn

Understand what behavioral economics is

Understand the factors that influence human behavior.

Develop more effective intervention plans for your own predictions.

Learn how to create ethical intervention actions for your target audience.


This course is conducted in English (with Chinese subtitles 英語發音,中文字幕).

This course introduces you to the science of human behavior, especially the behavioral biases and nudge theory that are essential for precision marketing in business. The course features English pronunciation and Chinese subtitles, and each unit includes a set of multiple-choice questions.

The goal of the course is to cultivate learners who have acquired data-driven decision-making, AI, predictive modeling, and data science skills to combine with behavioral science across disciplines. Through the planning of effective proactive intervention programs, such as “behavioral change technology” and “self-regulation methods,” learners can fully demonstrate the behavior science of AI-driven precision decision-making in the digital transformation wave of AI applications (such as precision education and marketing).Unit 1: Introduction to Human Behavioral Science

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  • Unit 1: Introduction to Human Behavioral Science
  • Unit 2: Obstacles to Human Behavior
  • Unit3: Nudge Theory

The course is designed for teachers to lead students in understanding and evaluating real-world cases.

Students will be able to design effective and ethical AI precision decision-making intervention plans.

The overall goal of the course:

  1. Students will be able to explain how AI-driven behavior change through precise decision-making can add value to various industries.
  2. Students will be able to design effective and ethical AI precision decision-making intervention plans based on behavioral science.


Introduction to Human Behavioral Science 單元一:人類行為科學概論

Behavioral Science! Why is it important in the AI generation?為什麼行為科學在AI世代很重要
Why are people influenced by others?為什麼人類會受到重要他人的影響?
Can small changes in people’s choice architecture really affect their behavi
Teaching assistant robots are as effective as human teachers!
Quiz 1測驗一

Unit 2: Obstacles to Human Behavior 單元二:人類行為的障礙

What are the six behavioral disorders that may influence human behavior?
What evidence can you find in the Netflix case that people’s attention and co
Why do you buy insurance?為什麼你會買保險?
Why is the default or the best when you choose and choose?
Why do students drink the night before an exam?為什麼學生會在考試前一晚喝酒?
Biased beliefs 有偏見的信念
2.7 How to show the ethical muscle? 如何展現倫理肌肉?
Quiz 2 測驗二

Nudge Theory 輕推的理論

What is the definition and theoretical basis of Nudge?
How to choose type 1 or type 2 nudge? 如何挑選類型1或是類型2的輕推?
Can nudge be classified by transparency?原來也可以用透明度來分類nudge?
How to use the matrix to classify transparent, non-transparent, and type 1
How to ethically choose the nudge of human behavioral intervention?
Quiz 3 測驗三