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Taxation of Salaried Individual

What you will learn

Filing of Income Taxes for Salaried Individual

CTC and Gross Salary Concepts

Deductions and Exemption of Income Taxes

Return Filing Concepts

Sec 80C

Personal Finance


Taxation of Salaried Individuals at a Glance- This course will include important provision of the Indian Income Tax which will be helpful for a salaried individual. Our purpose of course creation is every learner understands the income tax provision under Indian Income tax in very quick time and does not forget the concept through out his life. This course will clear the Basic concepts of taxation of a Salaried Individual, Residential Status, Exemptions, Deductions , etc. The video gives illustrative examples. After going through the video the user can file his own income tax return.

This course includes brief of the following topics of Income Tax:-

· Introduction of Indian Income Tax, Taxation of a Salaried Individual, Residential Status

· Introduction of various Income Tax Returns forms (ITR)

· Important Tax Saving Investment/Deductions or Tips

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Before the joining the course please read careful all course description. This course will not include How to file Income Tax return.

Over the period, we are trying to provide relevant details article on the each topic of Income Tax. We also requested to each learner provide valuable feedback & suggestion for the improvement of the course.

Welcome to the Our course! Happy Learning and Enjoying ! Feel free to reach out

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Lecture 2: CTC and Gross Salary
Lecture 3 : LTA (Leave Travel Allowance)
Lecture 4: HRA (House Rent Allowance)
Sec 16 and Sec 80 C