Improve Your Productivity With Tested Strategies For Better Time Management And Goal Management For Work Life Success

What you will learn

To master the art of analyzing the first priority tasks.

To strategically design your day for the best outcomes with time management practices.

How to transform your unproductive days into productive ones forever.

How to say no to things doesn’t require your attention.

Best time management techniques.

Healthy Work Habits That Will Keep You Energized & Alert So You Can Work Longer.

Determine your most productive self and create a plan for it.

Motivate Yourself, Focus, and Be Creative by Taking Control of Your Mind, Body.

Identify what’s holding you back from being the most productive and develop an action plan to help you succeed.


Do you often feel like your workday is spinning out of control? Each day, you wake up with intentions to accomplish so much, but you quickly become distracted, focus only on low-priority tasks, and simply procrastinate. How can you get control over your time again? When it comes to productivity, we’re on the same page. We live in a world that demands more from us than ever before – from social media, emails and text messages to an ever-growing list of to-dos – but your time is valuable, so you can’t afford to waste it.

If you are also one of those who struggle with the answer to these questions, this course is for you. Join us in this comprehensive course created by Rupal Pun and Aaishwarya Chandra to improve your productivity so that you never fall behind deadlines. This course is made just the right way to help you overcome the struggle of time management and goal setting which eventually hits your productivity at your workplace.

By the end of the course, you will be surprised to know how tiny little things like checking emails, having discussions can have a major impact on your productivity.

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Your journey to master time management with this course will make you walk through with different sections which are as follows,

Section 1: Interruptions – Silent Killers of Productivity

Section 2: Enhancing Productivity

Section 3: Time Management

Section 4: Goal Setting

Section 5: Memory & Fitness

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We perform various tasks throughout the day like watching tv shows, exploring social media and so on but rarely do we acknowledge the fact that these small things actually take a lot of our productivity. Section 1 of this course will help you find out similar activities which drain out your productivity without you even realizing.

In section 2 we will discuss how you can increase productivity at your workplace. How adapting to change can contribute a lot to your productivity. Also, this section incorporates many productivity theories and laws universally accepted that can assist you in prioritizing your tasks.

We all have heard “time is money” and we should manage our time effectively, but we hardly do the same. Submitting a project on the day of the deadline is not efficient. Time management is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives. In section 3 We will learn and explore the deepest of this knowledge followed by one of the greatest techniques of time management.

The inability to set and achieve effective goals is what pulls people from achieving their dreams and desires. Almost one million people search Google every month to find out how to set achievable goals, which itself explains what makes goal setting a factor everyone wants to learn about. This section of the course aims to answer why it is so necessary to have SMART goals, and how you can achieve them effectively.

Last but not the least, memory and fitness. The most ignored & underestimated aspect of productivity. It is surprising to note that half of your stress can roll out just by maintaining good health. The fitter you are, the more productive you’ll be. Health and fitness is extremely important if you want to be more productive throughout the day. Plus, exercising can help your sleep!

Productivity is a part of life — whether you’re a student, a professional or simply struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This course will help you improve your productivity at the office or in school, plus it includes tips for managing other aspects of your life.

Get ready to Set yourself up for success by putting productivity – and its opposite, procrastination – into perspective with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Set goals that matters. So what are you waiting for? Enroll Now! See you in the course.




Thank You & Welcome To The Course
Why Productivity Matters?
What Does It Mean To Be Highly Productive?

Interruptions – Silent Killers Of Productivity

Identifying & Eliminating Interruptions
Social Media
Myth Of Multitasking

Strategies To Enhance Productivity

Accepting Change
Reducing The Unimportant
Pareto 80/20 Rule of Productivity
Parkinson’s Law of Productivity

Time Management

Introduction To Time Management
Importance Of Time Management
How To Manage Your Time Effectively
Effective Time Management Part 2
Pomodoro Technique Of Time Management
Chase Progress Not Perfection

Goal Setting

What Is Goal Setting
Types Of Goals And Common Goals For A Company
How To Set Up Achievable Goals Effectively?
ABCDE Checklist

Memory & Fitness

Health & Fitness
Physical Aspects Of A Healthy Body
Need For A Healthy & Sharp Mind
Sharpen Your Memory
Why 6-8 Hours Of Sleep Is Important Even If You Don’t Have The Time For It?
Importance Of Having An Essential Diet


Course Conclusion