Learn the basics of Substance painter texturing procedure.

What you will learn

Baking Maps in Painter

Paint Layers




Do you want to learn the basics of texturing inside Substance painter? Then this course is a perfect fit for you. I welcome you to Substance Painter Basics for Beginners course.


My name is Abraham Leal and I have 11 years of experience in the 3D World. I own my own studio Critical Hit were we develop projects for the entertainment industry.

By the end of this course:

you’ll be able to texture paint simple assets in Substance painter.

What will you learn:

UV Generation

Baking Various Maps

Paint Layers


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Cinematic Lighting

Who is this course for:

I have designed this course for beginner students who wants to learn the basics of Substance painter texturing procedure.

Who is not the ideal student:

This course is not for advance level students who has already using Substance painter.

What should I know or have for the course:

You need Maya & Substance Painter installed on your computer.

Course Projects: In this course we will texture a simple asset which is called Majoras. We will start with generating UVs then we will learn to use Layers to texture the asset. Once we are done with the texture we will render the asset.

Join me now and learn to use Substance painter for your texturing needs.




UV Generation
Baking Maps
Basic Texture Construction
Paint Layers
Adding Detail Layers
Cinematic Light
Bonus Lecture