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SQL tests for you!

What you will learn

SQL tests for you!

SQL tests for you!

İmprove your SQL knowledge.

The best way is practice.


Are you starting to study SQL again? How many times have you started? A lot of, not once, not twice, not  even the five times. Do you know why you stop learning? Of course you do. Yes, you know why you can’t be master this simple course. Well, admit to yourself  the reason why you stopped and began again and again is just because the material and books are quite voluminous and  it is impossible to gain and improve getting knowledge without tests and practice.  It is not so easy to read, understand and remember 500-600 pages.

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But you want to learn and that’s why you’re here. The best way is practice. And I offer you these tests with multiple answer options, one of which is correct. This tests include such kind of topics as Select, Between, IN, Null, Like, Order by, Single and Multiple row functions (difference between them), Join, Subquery, Set operators, DML, TCL, DDL, Constraints, Index, View, Synonym, Sequence, Ampersand. These tests will not only help you improve your knowledge but will also help you pass the exam.

All you need is the desire that you have. And you can do it! Just believe in yourself and prove to yourself!