Overview of Completed Doctoral Capstone Project at Drake University

What you will learn

Define Trauma

Articulate the role of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Occupational Therapy

Explain how the Drake Occupational Therapy (OT) program is involved with the boys and girls club on campus

Explain an occupational therapy practitioner’s role in trauma.


This course is an overview of the doctoral capstone project. The doctoral capstone project is a requirement for Occupational Therapy Doctoral students to complete. I am a third year Occupational Therapy Student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and have just completed this doctoral capstone requirement. This doctoral capstone was completed at Drake University and the Gregory and Susie Glazer Burt Club on Drake University’s campus. The capstone project focused on Trauma, Trauma informed care (TIC) , Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and teaching in a doctoral level program. This course goes over how the project came about, details on the locations the project was completed at, and an overview of the learning activities and objectives completed. This is not an educational course on TIC or SEL. This course generally discusses those topics and how they were addressed within the capstone project, but does not go into detail. This course is not fulfill CEUΒ requirements. This is a course if you are curious about what an Occupational Therapy Doctoral Capstone project consists of and if you want to learn more about what a project can look like. This course is designed for current or prospective occupational therapy students as well as any occupational therapy professionals that may be interested in the topic areas.

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Goals and Connection to OT
Learning Objectives and Artifacts
Final Quiz