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Quantity Surveying Construction Estimation ,Quantity survey ,Ms.-Excel, Civil engineering, Bar Bending Schedule -AutoCAD

What you will learn

Quantity Survey, Estimation & Costing Of 5+ Buildings from Excavation To Finishing

Preparing Boq For Pcc, Excavation, Plastering, Concreting, Tmt Steel Etc

Excel Basic Commands And How To Prepare & Use Excel Sheets For Quick Calculations

Become a Quantity Estimator & Estimate Any Building Like Professional

Quantity Estimation Of Brickwork, Blockwork, Plastering, Painting, Electrical Tiling Etc


This an Advanced Course Which will give you 100 % Hands-on Experience in Live  Project Based Learning where you will master the Skills of Quantity Estimation, Costing & BBS.

In this Course Lot of Projects are taken to give in  Depth understanding of Concepts and also to get Exposure to Different Building as listed below

  1. Residential Bungalow Building
  2. Industrial Building
  3. Commercial Building
  4. House Building
  5. School Building

Students Will Learn to Calculate the Following Items mentioned Below

  • Excavation Quantity
  • PCC Quantity
  • Stone Soling Quantity
  • Sand Filling quantity
  • Footing Shuttering Quantity
  • Footing Concrete Quantity
  • Neck Column Shuttering  & Concrete Quantity
  • Backfilling Quantity
  • Plinth Beam PCC Quantity
  • Plinth Beam Concrete Quantity
  • Plinth Beam Shuttering  Quantity
  • Ground Floor Beam Shuttering & Concrete Quantity
  • Ground Floor Slab Centering & Concrete Quantity

The Course is made by keeping both units in Mind millimeters and Feet & Inches and its conversation so that Students get in-depth knowledge about unit conversion.

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The Bar Bending Schedule is also covered explaining the Cutting Length Calculation and all other Structural Elements.

A few Complicated Topics like Irregular Shape Footing l  Slopped footing l Stepped footing is also Covered along with Excel Sheet preparation.

The Bar Bending Schedule is also covered explaining the Cutting Length Calculation and all other Structural Elements.

All the Topics are Explained in Depth with a lot of assignments to get Exposure to Different buildings.



Introduction to Quantity Estimation

Preparation of Excel Sheets for Measurements
Footing Numbers Counting & Inputting in Excel Sheets
Footing Excavation Quantity
Stone Soling Quantity Estimation
Sand Filling & PCC Quantity Estimation
Footing Shuttering Quantity Estimation
Footing Concrete Quantity Estimation
Column Shuttering Quantity Calculation -01
Column Shuttering Quantity Calculation -02
Backfilling Quantity Correct Method

Assignments to get Hands on Practice on Live Projects

G+2 Office Building Assignment Part 1
G+2 Office Building Assignment Part 2
School Building Assignment
Industrial Building Assignment
Combined Footing Assignment

Sloped Footing & Stepped Footing Calculation – Excel + Manual

Sloped Footing Concrete & Shuttering Quantity Calculation
Excel Sheet Preparation for Sloped Footing
Live Project for Sloped Footing Project
Stepped Footing Calculation for Concrete & Shuttering
Raft Foundation Quantity Estimation

Superstructure Activities Quantity Estimation – Plinth Beam to Slab Concreting

Plinth Beam PCC Estimation Concept
Plinth Beam PCC Concrete Quantity
Center Line Error and How to Rectify It in Calculation
Plinth Beam Concrete Quantity Estimation
Plinth Back Filling Quantity Estimation

Ground Floor to Roof Floor Column – Beam – Slab Concrete & Shuttering Estimation

Ground Floor Column Shuttering & Concrete Estimation
Ground Floor Beam Concrete Estimation
Ground Floor Roof or 1st Floor Slab Centering & Concrete Quantity
1st Floor Column Shuttering & Concrete Estimation
1st Floor Slab Centering & Concrete Quantity
Roof Slab Column Concrete & Shuttering Quantity
Roof Top Beam & Slab Centering & Concrete Estimation

Staircase Shuttering & Concreting for Complete Building

Staircase Concrete Calculation
Staircase Shuttering Part -1
Staircase Shuttering Part -2