Create your own Shopware theme

What you will learn

Installing Shopware

Creating your own Shopware template

Using LESS in Shopware

Using Smarty in Shopware

Offering your own Shopware template as a plugin in the Shopware Community Store

Why take this course?

Niklas Dzösch is a self-proclaimed “nerd with excellent social skills” – a claim which is backed by his double-life as Core Developer and Developer Evangelist at Shopware. His training sessions give you considerable insight into one of Europe’s leading eCommerce platforms and show you, as a developer or designer, how to develop themes for Shopware and sell them in the Community Store; Shopware’s sales platform where several thousands of visitors find extensions for their online shops on a daily basis.

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Organized by six sections, you’ll find out how to install Shopware, how the software is structured, how to find your way around the Shopware file system, and how you can create and configure your own theme. Niklas will also tell you about the Smarty and LESS technologies and their application in Shopware. By the end of the course you’ll have everything you need to develop a custom theme to sell in the Community Store or use for your own project.

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