SEO for Beginners: learn the basics at your own pace and with plenty of support.

What you will learn

How to decide whether you should do your site’s SEO yourself, or hire an Agency to do it

How to get your website to appear on Google results

Understand the SEO process from start to finish

Identify the best keywords for your website

Properly optimize a post or page on your website

What exactly are quality back links and how to get them

How to make your website faster



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Audit Your Website
What Does SEO Stand For?
Basic Terms We Will Be Using
How Do Search Engines Work?
How Much Time Does It Take For SEO Work To Have An Effect?
Do SEO Yourself Or Use An Agency?


What are Keywords?
What Role Do Keywords Play In SEO?
How Do You Pick Keywords Properly?
Once You Pick Keywords, What’s The Next Step?
In What Places Should I Include Each Keyword?
Why Each Page Needs A Different Keyword
What Is Keyword Stuffing?

On Site Optimization

What is On-Site Optimization?
Heading Tags? Changing them in WordPress
Heading Tags? Changing them in Weebly
Meta Descriptions? Changing them in WordPress
Meta Descriptions? Changing them in Weebly
Image Alt Text? – Changing them in WordPress
Image Alt text? – Changing them in Weebly
Why Are Links Important?
Outbound links
Internal linking
Slugs? – Changing them in WordPress
Slugs? – Changing them in Weebly
SEO copywriting
Thin content
Fresh content
Publishing a Blog
Schema Basics


Definition of Mobile Friendly and why it’s important
Quick tips on reducing the size of images without losing quality
Best Practises to keep websites and homepages light

Off Site Optimization

What is Off-Site Optimization
Basic Link-Building techniques

Special Cases

Is SEO for Local Businesses any different? Reviews, GMB, NAP, Opening Hours, etc
Is SEO for eCommerce sites any different?
Is SEO for Bloggers any different?
Why Pure SEO Won’t Save A Website With A Bad UX!

Complementary Tools

Google Analytics
Google My Business

Other Things To Remember