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What you will learn

Boost immediate, short-term confidence

Boost long-term confidence and self esteem

Structure relationships to boost your confidence

Structure your internal conversations to make you more confident

Learn to do affirmations

Conquer fear of failure


Boost your confidence and self-esteem in just a few seconds and for the long-term. Then use confidence as a tool to achieve more and improve your life.

– Scientific research about confidence and performance

– Authoritative literature on confidence

– Law of attraction

– Positive affirmations to boost confidence

– Listening to your internal dialog and realigning it to boost your confidence

– Getting positive reinforcement from your relationships

– Conquering your fear of failure

– Be less susceptible to other people’s criticism and stop being harsh on yourself and get yourself down

– Learn how the brain processes fear and anger, and how to not fall into mindset traps

– Dealing with stress

– Assertiveness training for how to use verbal and written assertive communication


Why do many intelligent people lack confidence? Why do so many unintelligent people have a lot of confidence? How do you know if your confidence closely matches your ability or you have a problem with self-assessment? This is all addressed in the course.


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When you start your business, there is a lot of stress, low confidence, and self-doubt. These feelings can really damage momentum and hurt the business. On the other hand, if you can give yourself more confidence, that confidence will carry you through the challenging parts of your business and give you the boldness to attempt things you otherwise wouldn’t. Also, many external forces constantly damage our confidence and we need to know how to keep out confidence and self-esteem up.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* My list of 50 business-success skills after you complete the course (hint, boosting confidence is one of them)

* Be entered to get chosen for my student of the month status and have your confidence growth story featured


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.


This confidence boosting course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I’ve done for thousands of my other students.

Invest in your future. Enroll now and boost your confidence today.



Introduction to this course on confidence and your instructor

Introduction: Confidence is not something you have, it is something we create
Subtitles, video quality, your certificate, tips on watching & common course Q&A
Definition: feeling of belief and empowerment
Immediately change confidence with body language – in seconds

Mindset through listening to internal conversations and LOA (Law of Attraction)

Listen to internal conversations: Are you boosting or lowering your confidence?
Fear of failure or criticism
Law of Attraction
Fear and anger with how our brain works

Confidence theory

Confidence per topic – uncover yours
Malcolm Gladwell and Outliers example
Practicing & improving at a small element at the root of low confidence
Confidence oscillation and building internal story
Technique: Visualizing result vs. hoping

Affirmations to boost your confidence

What are affirmations and how to do them
Affirmation apps

Relationships tha boost your confidence and self-esteem

Surrounding yourself with positive people

Biology and hormones, and how they impact your confidence and mindset

Four hormones that affect your mood, confidence, motivation & outlook on things

Confidence case studies

Soccer example of how to build confidence by controlling the situation
Boxing class and with trainer and against people
Client who gets derailed
My case study of growing up with no confidence and getting too much confidence
Case study of me and cooking

Visualization techniques to boost confidence


Emotional Intelligence

Emotions & experience: How they affect each other


Overview of a study on self-talk and performance
Highly intelligent people perform worse under pressure so re-frame sutuation

Productivity apps to help your confidence

Headspace app
4 apps for learning on the go and boosting your skills
Note taking and to-do list apps
How to make to-do lists correctly

Conclusion of our confidence course

Putting it all together – exciting
From Tony Robbins: 4 ingredients to achievement
Curcumbstances having an impact on our performance and confidence
Bonus lecture: Discounts on other courses