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Sales: Build Your Foundation for a Winning Sales Career

What you will learn

Develop a Success-Oriented Sales Mindset

Gain Deep Product/Service Knowledge

Build Effective Client Relationships

Master the Fundamentals of the Sales Process



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Sales Mindset and Fundamentals

Winning sales mentality
Deep product knowledge
Internal network development

Setting Goals and Prioritizing Your Pipeline

SMART goal setting for your sales role.
Breaking down your quota into achievable steps.
Effective time management and prioritizing high-yield sales activities.
Quiz on Sections-1&2

Prospecting and Qualifying Leads

Your ideal customer profile: Who are you selling to?
Lead generation techniques: Cold approaches, social selling, referrals.
Qualifying leads to ensure a good fit.

The Art of the Sales Conversation

Active listening and effective questioning for true needs discovery.
Building rapport and trust with prospects.
Tailored value proposition presentations.
Quiz on Sections-3 & 4

Handling Objections, Negotiation, and Closing

Anticipating and reframing common objections.
Basic negotiation principles for win-win agreements.
Closing techniques and recognizing buying signals.

CRM Mastery and Next Steps

Understanding and utilizing your company’s CRM system.
Data hygiene and accurate pipeline tracking.
Importance of continuous learning and mentorship for ongoing development.
Quiz on Sections-5 & 6