Ruby Tutorial for Absolute Beginners. Learn Ruby For Free. Go from Beginner to Expert in Ruby.

What you will learn

You will be able to learn write code using Ruby Programming language.

Learn Ruby in Simplest way possible

Learn about Loops in Ruby

Learn about Conditional Execution in Ruby

Learn about classes and modules in Ruby

Learn about different types of methods in Ruby

Learn about different types of variables in Ruby

Why take this course?

Hello Students,

As the Course title says it all,  this course “Ruby For Absolute Beginners” is created absolutely for any one wanting to get their hands dirty and learn programming language.

Since Ruby has very little to no syntax, It is the most easiest language to learn any programming language.

If you are new to programming or have no prior knowledge about programming, then look nowhere.

This course is totally dedicated and planned for new comers who wants to learn programming and there is no any other simpler language than “Ruby” to learn programming.

Please find the curriculum or course contents below.

Section 1: Introduction 

  1. Introduction
  2. Course Overview

Section 2: Software Setup

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  1. Java Installation for Mac
  2. Bash Profile Set up for Mac
  3. Java Installation for Windows
  4. Ruby Installation for Mac
  5. Ruby Installation for Windows
  6. Rubymine installation for Mac
  7. Rubymine Installation for Windows

Section 3: Ruby Essentials

  1. What is String?
  2. String Methods
  3. More String Methods
  4. Integer Methods
  5. Conditional Execution – If & else
  6. If & Else continued
  7. Conditional Execution – Case
  8. String Interpolation
  9. Array in Ruby
  10. Looping – for/while/until
  11. Looping Continued
  12. Advanced Looping
  13. Hashes
  14. More Hashes
  15. Ruby Methods
  16. Ruby Methods Continued
  17. Ruby Methods With Default Value
  18. What are Ruby Classes?
  19. Ruby Classes Continued
  20. Regular Expressions
  21. Regular Expressions Continued
  22. Ruby Variables Types
  23. Ruby Variables Types Continued.
  24. Ruby as an OOP
  25. Ruby OOP – Encapsulation
  26. Ruby OOP – Inheritance
  27. Ruby OOP – Inheritance Continued
  28. Ruby OOP – Polymorphism
  29. Ruby Modules
  30. Ruby Modules Continued
  31. File IO
  32. File Loading

Section 4: Conclusion

33. References

34. Bonus

36. Final words

Happy Coding!