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Radical Forgiveness Love Coaching & Meditation course
Spiritual healing, Self awareness, consciousness, emotional freedom, release anger, trauma, compassion, letting go

What you will learn

Release unresolved anger within your psyche consciously and subconsciously through our coaching sessions & meditations

Learning how to deeply let go and forgive oneself and others through deep meditation sessions

Skills, self-help tools for calming the mind, body and emotions including meditations

breaking down self sabotaging patterns and belief systems that is holding onto anger

Open your heart and heal the wounds from the past, breaking free and letting go

Understanding the concept of forgiveness, identifying the emotional blocks and breaking free from it



There are lots of misconceptions about forgiveness. Forgiveness is a by-product. It is not an emotion one can be forced. Once we heal the inner emotion and psyche within ourselves. We will be able to forgive naturally. It is a natural process.

We will go through unique coaching sessions addressing the emotion from different angles. We will do deep releasing towards circumstances situations or specific people that you are holding onto. We create a new space and chapter in our life.

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In this course, we will

  • Have a coaching session
  • Deep forgiveness releasing
  • Understand what true forgiveness is
  • Letting go of the past pattern
  • Create space for love to come in
  • Moving forward in our lives
  • Releasing stubborn anger, rages, and resentments
  • Open our hearts naturally
  • Shift and create a new reality
  • And much more

Once you are healed, you will have more space within your heart. You will forgive naturally. In fact you do not need to forgive at all. Forgiveness comes naturally in your life.  You will be able to move forward and create new things in your life. You no longer hold on to the past that is bothering you. You will become empowered and the author of your life




Forgiveness is a by-product
Right vs Wrong
Take responsibility
Accept your emotions
How to do the course?

Preparation Stage

Relaxation Meditation

Releasing anger & resentment

Anger Releasing Meditation

Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness Meditation


Importance of grounding
Grounding Meditation