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Learn to Hack

What you will learn

How to do Reconassance

How to do Weaponization

How to Exploit a Computer

How to Remotely Control the Target


Cyber kill chain is a methodology used by ethical hackers to hack a computer. It is used to check the security status and find potential vulnerabilities. It’s also referred to as hacking process. Any individual can perform an ethical hacking scan, but ethical hacking is most often performed by computer security professionals. An ethical hacking scan is an essential part of any cyber security strategy.

A cyber kill chain is a series of steps done to hack a computer system. It’s composed of the steps required to hack a system- from downloading the necessary software to identifying and exploiting security loopholes. Certain cyber security agencies use this as part of their hacking procedure, and anyone can learn how to perform this task. The hacker will gather information about the target computer and its environment in one of the first steps. This includes identifying the target’s applications, users and data; the target’s malware;

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In this course you will learn about the Cyber Kill Chain, not just from a theoretical perspective but also using practical examples. You will learn how to hack a Windows computer, and all the steps required to get to that stage. It is a beginners course, you don’t need any prior knowledge about Ethical Hacking, but some general knowledge about Linux, Virtualization or Networking is recommended.




Reconassance in Kali
Delivery & Exploitation
Installation & Control