Five Simple Steps for More Successful Life Projects

What you will learn

Basic steps of project management to help with real life projects

Why take this course?

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Project Management for Life Skills provides practical examples of how you can use the 5 main steps in Project Management to improve multiple areas of your life. Whether it is regular tasks, or major goal setting implementing this process can give you much better results. Knowing how all of these phases work together, and build on each other can help you save time, money, and other resources, and be more successful in the things that are important to you. In Initiation, you will learn how to refine an idea or plan. In Planning, you will take your initial idea or concept and refine it further. And possibly make changes to the original idea based on the research you will do. You will get an idea of time, cost, and priorities that will be the basis for your plan. In Execution, you will see how our example subjects get started on their project. And how to make changes to the Plan when and if they are necessary. In Monitoring and Control you will learn how to track your progress and why it is important. And finally, how to close a project. All of these steps together can help you save time, money, and effort on all sorts of regular life tasks, or on goals that you set for yourself.