Learn the tools and skills to invest in Real Estate like a Professional

What you will learn

Learn the fundamentals of investing: market cycle, storytelling, market research, inflation, tax, financing.

Complete a case study of a multifamily acquisition with a professional working model in EXCEL.

Learn how to pitch deals to investors.

Acquire Real Estate investing underwriting skills.


In this course we will learn how the real estate market cycle works, how inflation affects real estate, how tax impacts real estate investment and how to underwrite and analyze deals like a professional investor.

This course is for you if..

  • You see yourself as a real estate entrepreneur
  • You think of yourself as an independent and critical thinker
  • You’re thinking about starting your own real estate business one day
  • If you are interested in doing your own real estate deals
  • You are not interested in the 9-5 route
  • Achieving financial independence is a goal of yours

Why Pursue This Course?

  • Achieve better returns by becoming a better negotiator
  • Raise more capital from investors
  • Become a Pro at Financial Modelling
  • Start a real estate investment business
  • Learn about development and income producing properties

Real Estate lies at the intersection of many different fields.  To be a successful Real Estate Investor or developer you need to have expertise in a broad array of fields: economics, law, finance, construction, social trends and urbanism, to name a few.  The successful Real Estate Investor is a well rounded person and will be skilled in the art of communication, storytelling and negotiation. 

My goal with this course is to bring you a step closer to the mindset of the professional Real Estate investor by providing a deep overview of all the major factors that surround a real estate investment. 





S1L1 Introduction

S1L2 Elements of Successful RE Investing

S1L3 Case Study and Financial Model Overview

Investment Assumptions

S2L1 Investment Assumptions Intro

S2L2 The Market Cycle

S2L3 Historical Data on Real Estate Market Cycles

S2L4 Adapting Investments to the Cycle

S2L5 Storytelling in Real Estate

S2L6 Market Research

S2L7 Inflation

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S2L8 Revenue Losses

S2L9 The Time Horizon

Modeling residential leases

S3L1 Modelling Leases Intro

S3L2 Modelling Leases Building out the Rent Roll

S3L3 Modelling Leases Projecting Monthly Income

Case Study: Analyzing a multifamily refurbishment project

S4L1 Intro

S4L2 Dates and Inflation

S4L3 Monthly CF NOI

S4L4 Investing

S4L5 Tax

S4L6 Financing

Analyzing the Real Estate Investment

S5L1 Financial Analysis Intro

S5L2 Annual Cash Flows

S5L3 Sources and Uses Schedule

S5L4 IRR and PV

S5L5 Other Metrics

S5L6 Sensitivity Analyses