Improve your CAE Use of English results

What you will learn

Students who enroll in this course will learn how to tackle the key word transformations in the CAE exam. This course is entirely based on practice and covers all the grammar structures integrated in this type of exercises. CAE Reading & Use of English Part 4 will become easy and students will drastically improve their results.


Dear Student,

Welcome to the CAE: Reading & Use of English Part 4 – Key Word Transformations course.

Here you will find 14 practice-based videos that cover all the integrated grammar structures in the key word transformations from the CAE exam, including: a change in the verb tenses, passive voice, causative, modals, conditionals, inversion, phrasal verbs, idioms, fixed expressions and etc. Watch the videos carefully and make your own conclusions. My approach is different and in this course I’m just showing you the way, but you are the one who has to walk it.

In order to get most of the course, I advise you to watch the first two videos about the tips and then the other practice drills. While watching the practice drills pause the videos on the examples, before the right answer is revealed, try to do the example by yourself putting the tips into practice. Afterwards, listen to the explanation and try to analyze, this will help you get a better understanding of the grammar aspect you are studying. If you don’t understand something watch the video again or just ask me by using the message system on the platform.

PS. Don’t worry, all the students that I have prepared for the CAE have passed it with at least a B.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Dobrev




Main steps to complete the CAE Use of English – Part 4 Key Word Transformations

Main tips about the key word transformations – part 1

Main tips about the key word transformations – part 2

Practice Section

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Practice Drill 1: Verb Tenses

Practice Drill 2: Conditionals & The Unreal Past

Practice Drill 3: Modals

Practice Drill 4: Passive Voice & Causative

Practice Drill 5: Inversion

Practice Drill 6: Idioms

Practice Drill 7: Comparisons

Practice Drill 8: Phrasal Verbs

Lecture 11: Practice Drill 9: Fixed Expressions

Extra Practice Drill 1

Extra Practice Drill 2

Extra Practice Drill 3